All you need to know about Firefox browsers for Android and which one is right for you?

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Do you think there is only one version of the Firefox browser? In fact, there are many alternative versions of the browser, which provide experimental features or developer tools. The good news is that they are all available for you to use and try.

We’ll go over what all versions offer, like Beta and Nightly, and tell you how they differ from each other and how they relate. We’ll also show you how to downgrade if needed.

Unlike Google Chrome, with so many options available, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one. Well, here’s a little breakdown of each Firefox for Android browser and which browser it’s for.

All about Firefox browsers for Android

1. Firefox

Best for: Anyone looking for an alternative to Google Chrome.

Of all the Mozilla web browsers, Firefox is the closest to Chrome.

Moreover, the Firefox browser supports extensions even on mobile. Thus, you can install the usual extensions as well as manage the tabs you use on your desktop. Moreover, the best reason to recommend Firefox is “Open Tab Sync. This feature allows Firefox to sync all open tabs on your browser across multiple devices. So, for example, I’m reading an article on Firefox for phone so I can quickly go to my laptop, open the same tab, and continue reading on Firefox for desktop.

Download Firefox for Android

2. Firefox beta

Best for: Longtime Firefox user who wants to try new features while providing stability.

From the name of this version, Firefox Beta is the beta version of the stable and regular Firefox browser.

Compared to the stable variant, the new Firefox Beta tab menu looks great and simple. It also has a dark mode and a downward-facing toolbar. In terms of privacy, it has improved tracking protection. is set to “Standard“Default, but if you go to”strictIt also blocks ads and pop-ups. Therefore, you won’t need an ad blocker add-on on Firefox Beta. Moreover, it also supports “to analyseTo pair devices instead of logging in with your email ID and password. Other changes include easy access to synced tabs and groups, and more.

Firefox Beta is updated once a week.

Download the beta version of Firefox for Android

3. Firefox every night

Best for: Web developers and testers.

Firefox Nightly is an advanced version of Firefox Beta. It has all the cutting edge features of the Mozilla browser and is updated every night. It mainly targets beta testers and developers to test web applications and new features. Error reporting and testing is Nightly’s main focus.

Firefox Nightly is updated every night.

Download Firefox Nightly for Android

4.Firefox Lite

Best for: Smartphones with low specs and low internet speed.

As the name suggests, Firefox Lite is a smaller version of the standard Firefox browser. The application size is less than 8MB and contains “turbo modeWhich provides better browsing speed. You also have the option of disabling image loading to reduce web page display time. It has the same level of tracking protection as the Firefox browser. That said, it’s missing a few things – sign in to Firefox, sync open tabs, etc. Surprisingly, Firefox Lite also has built-in games which you can play on the browser.

To get a better perspective, I tried loading a bunch of websites on both browsers and comparing them below. Page load time in seconds.

Website name

firefox Firefox Lite
washington post 10:59 02:10
mercedes 04:66 04:59
make technology 05:54 03:78
Youtube 02:48 03:52

Lite outperforms Firefox by a margin. It’s pretty obvious that Firefox Lite loads websites quickly. However, sometimes the appearance of the website is compromised due to speed.

Download Firefox Lite for Android

5.Firefox Focus

Best for: Users who focus on privacy.

Firefox Focus is for the extremely privacy-conscious. For those unfamiliar with this browser, Firefox Focus only opens in incognito mode. This means there is no browsing history (deleted on exit) or server data. Moreover, it blocks all kinds of tracking (ads, social analytics, content, etc.). You also have the option to block javascript, web fonts, etc. If you don’t know, canvas fingerprinting is a unique way to identify users based on font styles, background color, and more. Now, disabling web fonts and JavaScript will help to some extent against fabric fingerprinting.

Firefox Focus allows you to open only one tab at a time. However, if you set Firefox Focus as your default Android browser, it gives you the option to open new links in a separate tab.

Download Firefox Focus for Android

6. Firefox Locked

Best for: For every Firefox user.

Firefox Lockwise is not a web browser, but rather a password manager available for Android.

The best thing about Firefox Lockwise is that it integrates well with other Firefox browsers and especially Firefox Monitor. Firefox Monitor is a web application that helps detect password breaches. It is a free online tool and you can simply visit it to check the integrity of your email id. But, it syncs well with Lockwise and makes it a unique choice.

Download Firefox Lockwise for Android

closing words

Firefox Beta seems like the perfect choice now given the gap between stable and beta. Also, I use Firefox Lockwise and will recommend it to everyone, no matter what browser you use. For more issues or questions, let me know in the comments below.

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