An application that will allow you to practice SQL on your Android phone

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If you want to learn SQL, there are many online resources (like that help you learn SQL on your web browser. Recently, I came across an app called “SQL Playground”, which lets you practice SQL right on your Android device. let’s take a look.

When you first open the app, it presents you with a pre-populated “Employees” board with around 8 entries to play with. It allows you to run DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DDL (Data Definition Language) directly on your Android device. This includes selection, insertion, deletion, merge, commands, etc.

The command editor has no suggestions. Therefore, you are at the mercy of your memory when entering commands. I just like the editor because it forces me to memorize and memorize MySQL command prompt commands. This is really useful because practice tests usually don’t have an SQL command editor with suggestions.

The app also has a small search icon in the top right corner. Once you click on it, it gives you a set of commands like Select, Insert, Drop, etc. These commands have an example below that will give you an idea of ​​the syntax. It’s very useful.

An application that will allow you to practice SQL on your Android phone - Android


First, the success message in some commands is an error. For example, I created a view from the employees table and the success message looked more like an error – “Unable to convert object of unknown type 0. But when I ran the command again, the view was already created. Also, the app does not support PL/SQL or triggers. So, you have to switch to your laptop for that.

Another big problem with the app is full screen advertising. They are numerous and often repeat themselves. Also, there is no upgrade option to bypass ads. Therefore, you will need to disable internet access to get rid of it. If this is an essential feature and you need it to avoid distractions, contact the developer.

There are various alternatives to SQL Playground such as SQL Playground and SQL Code Play. But, in comparison, the user interface of these apps looks very old and there is no dark mode.

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