Best Alternative Apps to HQ Trivia for Questions and Quiz Fans

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Play trivia games, earn money. It’s an old concept like…, as old as humans 😉 . Answering questions and gaining knowledge while having fun and enjoying are fundamental human activities. And in the world of mobile gaming, some games have appeared hoping to provide a fun experience – Trivia Crack, You Don’t Know Jack, etc.

HQ Trivia was a live quiz app that gave users real money when they answered a series of questions correctly. Unfortunately, HQ Trivia isn’t as popular as it used to be due to a dwindling audience and lack of funds. So, in this article, we are going to list the best HQ Trivia alternatives for ex-lovers.

While these apps aren’t much different from HQ Trivia, we think they capture the fun spirit of the game. There’s less money on offer with these HQ Trivia alternatives, but money isn’t everything. , is not it ?

What is HQ Trivia?

Best HQ Trivia Alternative Apps for Questions and Quiz Fans - Android iOS

HQ Trivia was an innovative quiz app for Android and iOS. It was developed by the founders of Vine and launched in 2017.

At set times each day, the app will go live, and together players will watch a wily host pose with a series of increasingly difficult questions.

The goal for players is to compete for a share of the cash prizes, which will be divided equally among the winners, with some brand-sponsored offers offering cash value up to $400,000. So you must answer all the questions correctly and you are the winner. There was literally no room for error.

At its peak, over two million people used HQ Trivia daily. Most of them stopped what he was doing, gathered around his phone and tested his brain. The show had its own culture and internet memes, created by the chat that appears at the bottom of the screen.

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Unfortunately, HQ Trivia is no longer available. The business struggled to finance itself, and when the buyer apparently changed his mind at the last minute, the plug was pulled. And even if it does come back one day, the app will likely be a whole different beast.

HQ Trivia’s latest show was more relaxed than usual. The prize pool was Matt Richards’ own pocket – around $5 – and the winners took home less than a penny.

Now that the Trivia HQ is gone, you’ll probably be looking for alternatives. So we have this list. These aren’t necessarily apps that pay big bucks (because they’re rare), but they offer the quiz fun that HQ Trivia has to offer.

1. Danger! World Tour

Everyone loves Jeopardy, the TV show hosted by Alex Trebek. This trivia app follows a format similar to a TV show, allowing you to choose questions from the given grid. Risk choosing a harder question for a higher score and a chance to win in the end.

The money you earn is fantastic, but it’s fun to see how you rank on the leaderboard. Moreover, you can challenge your friends and family to see who is the master of the competitions.

Download: Jeopardy! World Tour for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

2. Who wants to become a millionaire?

Another classic TV show turned into a feature app, this time based on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? You know the approach – series of questions, question after question gets harder, and if you get it wrong you’ve probably lost… Just like HQ Trivia!

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All the useful options in the show are there to help you. In a fun twist, you can ask experts like William Shakespeare to guide you to the correct answer. Which makes earning (play money!) that million dollars a little easier.

Download: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

3. Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 has lots of fun questions that include topics like history, sports, and movies. The good thing about this app is that it has current affairs and culture questions just like HQ Trivia which makes it a new app.

You can also go directly to your friends’ contest to see who can get the most correct answers. Moreover, Trivia Crack stands out from other similar apps with its charming design, which is full of cute animations.

Download: Trivia Crack 2 for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

4. QuizLand

HQ Trivia was unique in that it featured a live host interviewing the contestants. When everyone has answered the question, the host will post the answer. QuizzLand does something similar, providing interesting information to explain or give context to answers.

It also shows you how other users responded, which HQ Trivia also did. QuizzLand does not offer a live stream, however, instead you work on the fact that in any round the grade can switch after answering correctly.

Download: QuizLand for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)


The purpose of this application is to find the answers given by 94% of people. Hence the name. For example, you will need to list animals that have eggs or something that you take with you on vacation.

HQ Trivia often asked questions that seemed easy at first, but were designed to trick you. It may seem easy to list the things that got 94% of the choices, but it’s hard to get there.

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Download: 94% for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

6. Logo set

Best HQ Trivia Alternative Apps for Questions and Quiz Fans - Android iOS

Logo Game differs from the other apps on this list because it is not focused on competitions. However, the same satisfaction is always given when the correct answer is given. It is the choice of those who are proud of the brands they own.

The app displays hundreds of logos for different companies with various messages removed and is meant to fill in the blanks. The app categorizes logos by difficulty, so you can jump to the hardest ones, and solving them becomes much harder than you think.

And if Logo Game inspires you to get creative, use these free sites to create your own logo.

Download: Logo Game for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

7. Quiz 360

Best HQ Trivia Alternative Apps for Questions and Quiz Fans - Android iOS

Trivia 360 is a simple yet fun app that contains a set of questions on topics such as Geography, Science and Literature – many topics used by HQ Trivia are covered. You can even submit your own question to be added to the rotation, pending approval.

The application is simple: correctly answer as many questions as possible without losing all your lives. You’ll earn points for giving correct answers quickly, and then you’ll be ranked against users in your country and around the world.

Download: Trivia 360 for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

These alternatives to HQ Trivia should keep you entertained

HQ Trivia was an entertainment app, and the chance to win big money was always tempting. So hopefully HQ Trivia returns in the same form or another company finds a way to do something similar and sustainable in the future.

Until then, we hope the HQ Trivia alternatives listed keep you entertained.

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