Best Android Apps to Crop and Reduce Images

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There are many reasons why you might want to resize images. You may need a different aspect ratio or you may just want to get rid of unnecessary parts of the image. Whatever the case, you have plenty of options. There are two forms of image resizing. The first is sheer pressure. You can keep the image with the same dimensions, but you reduce the file size. The other type is Reshape the image To actually be bigger and smaller to fit them better in certain places.

Virtually everyone uses their phone or tablet to take and store photos. It also provides very useful tools to quickly share your photos via social networks and messaging apps. Sometimes the image may be too large to share. So you may only want to share part of the photo, not the whole thing.

There are many apps available that can change the dimensions of an image, either by cropping or resizing the image. There are also several applications available to you to reduce the actual file size of an image. Read on to find out which apps fit your needs.

1. Pixlr

Best Android apps to crop and trim images - Android

Pixlr is a very popular photo editing app for Android users. Not only does it resize and crop your photos, but it also packs a host of useful features. It is also a great app for beginners. It has a nice user interface which is easy to navigate and the controls are clear and easy to use. What could you not like?

The home screen offers a number of options when launching the app. You can use the camera to take the photo, which you can edit using one of Pixlr’s many features. There is an option to edit photos that are on your device or stored in the cloud. You can create a collage of images which can be customized to have a number of different styles. There are even decorative elements inside the Forms tool.

Once you’ve selected your photo in the app, the crop option doesn’t get any easier than what’s available. Provides an open menu “Tools” A set of neat tricks, in which you will find the crop function to be the first to choose. The crop tool gives you a number of options. Free mode lets you choose the crop area, while there are also multiple aspect ratios to choose from. There are also plenty of effects you can use, so you can customize your shots the way you want.

Download: Pixlr for Android (free and premium version available)

2.Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Android apps to crop and trim images - Android

If you’re looking for something more advanced, check out the Adobe Express version of the popular Photoshop application. Designed for editing your photos on the go, it’s a great app with functional tools. Adobe introduced several features to give your snapshots a professional edge, even though the app was created for the phone.

The app lets you select photos from your device, the cloud, Lightroom (another Adobe app), or your Adobe Asset Library. You can also take a photo with the phone’s camera and edit it there. Once you’ve selected the image you want to work with, you’ll be presented with an endless array of the same options. Effects, borders and stickers are available to add fun to your photos.

The crop tool offers a wide range of aspect ratios you can use, some of which are incredibly useful. There are common ratios, so you can crop the image to 16:9 or 6:4 for example. Adobe goes one step further than many applications. You can choose fromFacebook page cover” And “Youtube channel artand even automatic cropping sizes for “To light up”! With this level of functionality, Adobe Photoshop Express really stands out to meet the demands of the public.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Express for Android (Free)

3. Compress and resize lit photo

Best Android apps to crop and trim images - Android

Lit Photo Compress and Resize is a very easy way to compress, crop and resize photos. This simplifies sending images via email, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. The app is excellent in terms of navigation, with all the features of the app displayed when you launch it.

As mentioned, the app can perform three main functions. Selecting an option allows for further customization in terms of image scaling. authorizes you pressure mode Reduce an image in terms of quality, measured as a percentage, or in terms of size, measured in megabytes. This reduces the file size.

If you want to change the dimensions of the image, you can achieve this by setting Resize. Again, this mode offers different ways to change the dimensions. You can do this via pixel count, which allows you to retain the aspect ratio or not, depending on what you want to do with the image. Easily resizing also allows you to compress the image within the same option. You can enjoy image reduction and file size reduction with just one click.

Finally, there is the crop tool. It is somewhat limited, as it only has five crop ratios available. However, there are many other ways to crop the image. So if you can live with just a small set of auto-crop features, this is a great app.

Download: Lit Photo Compress and Resize for Android (free premium version available)

4. Codenia image size

Best Android apps to crop and trim images - Android

Codenia offers a simple and practical solution for resizing an image. The app has many features that you will find in many similar apps. There are a lot of customizable options in the “” editorwhich allows you to make various adjustments to the appearance of your image.

Where Codenia Image Size really shines is in providing functionality Change image size. The screen contains all the information you need besides the image itself. Below the toolbar at the top of the app screen is a box with information about the original image.

Below the information area are controls for changing the height and width of the image, up to a maximum of 6000 pixels. You can enter the desired dimensions yourself or choose from predefined dimensions, accessible via a context menu. You can also lock the aspect ratio to ensure that the appearance of the image is preserved despite the change in file size.

Below the image itself, located in the center of the screen, is information about the file size. This is incredibly useful as it allows you to see the original file size of the image and the resulting file size once you are done editing.

Download: Codenia Image Size for Android (free and premium version available)

5. Resize Me

Best Android apps to crop and trim images - Android

XnView is a well-known developer of computer applications. Simple Photo Editor has been the best solution for photo editing for years and the Resize Me mobile app provides great tools to reduce file size. If there’s an easy-to-use photo resizer in your download list, that’s all you need.

Launching the app lets you select a photo from your album, take a new photo, or convert a batch of photos at once. The first two options work the same once you’ve selected or taken a photo. You have the option to flip it horizontally and vertically, as well as rotate the image.

It is very easy to crop photos, with a tool”free croppingWith a bunch of predefined ratios to use. The last option lets you specify the size of the image to save. The first options include a percentage value next to the dimensions, so you can see the difference in file size once you’ve applied the reduction.

The batch converter is where the app really stands out. With this tool you can simply select a group of images to modify and then select the new dimensions. Very handy and useful if you want to edit a group of plans at a time.

Download: Resize Me for Android (free and premium version available)

Which photo resizing app suits your needs?

A quick search of the Android app store will reveal an abundance of photo resizing apps. Many of them offer the exact same thing, so if you select one of the apps mentioned above, you can free up space on your internal storage and reduce the size of your photos.

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