Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android

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From virtual tours of New York’s Museum of Modern Art to social networks that bring art lovers together, there are a plethora of smartphone apps on the market for creative minds.

Are you a fan of art and a fan of new technologies? Nowadays, these two passions are easily blended through useful apps as well as websites. With these apps for art lovers, you can expand your knowledge, help teach your kids, plan trips, or stimulate your brain.

Also, the time we live in is not a good time for art because no art conferences are held and you cannot go to your favorite art gallery to watch the artwork of your choice. Although these physical spaces have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has opened up a whole box of opportunities to combine art with technology. So if you can’t wait to come back to reclaim your love for art. Here are the best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android.

Best apps for art lovers

1.Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a bundle for art lovers. Scroll through the daily art feeds to learn about modern art, 360 degree views of famous landmarks, and discover the wonderful integration of famous artworks with background music.

Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android - Android iOS

My favorite feature of the app is the camera integration which you can access from the camera icon on the home screen. Here you have the Selfie Art feature in which you can compare your selfie with other artworks that look like you. Moreover, if you like virtual reality, you can also choose from works of art and display them in real size in your room. You have access to some of the famous heritage places like Chauvet Cave, Nine Domes Mosque, Al Arab Fort, etc. in real time with just a swipe of your phone.

Get Google Arts & Culture for (iOS | Android)

2. DailyArt – Your Daily Dose of Art History Stories

If you don’t want to be confused by too much information, like in Google Arts & Culture. Taking a dose of art history a day can be the best way to slowly learn about designs and artists.

Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android - Android iOS

DailyArt shows you a work of art every day. It has over 2,500 masterpieces with hundreds of artist biographies and museum collections. Once you open it, the app shows you art that you can download to your phone in high definition. If you like the art on display, you can check out the information sheet and learn more about the art and what it looks like. You can also click on the artist’s name and see other masterpieces by the same artist. If you want to create an art gallery that you like, just click on the heart icon which will add it to the favorites section.

If you don’t want your featured art displayed next to annoying banner ads below. You can upgrade to the pro version of the app for $6.

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3. [AR]Museum T

Have you ever wondered what your masterpiece would look like on your wall?

It allows to apply [AR]T Museum Scan any wall in your home and use it as a piece of fabric to put the photo frame in place in real time. Once the scanning is complete, select the artwork you wish to view and you will find it on the wall. The app also shows you the art and artist information along with it.

Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android - Android iOS

The only feature missing was an option to zoom out and zoom in to adjust the frame and also the option to save it with one click instead of taking a screenshot every time.

obtaining [AR]T Museum for iOS

4. Live Art Auction

Classic works of art are often offered for sale at an incredible price. Live Art Auction app is a remarkable app where you can find art auctions, online auctions and other major auctions in one place. So you don’t need to maintain details on multiple real online platforms.

Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app also has a $19.99 monthly subscription that gives you up to 5 years of past auctions, upcoming auctions, and more of those premium features.

Get Live Art Auctions for (iOS | Android)

5. DeviantArt

Devian art is a convenient platform to find modern art, such as 3D art, animation, anime, comics and more vivid database.

Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android - Android iOS

Although you can view and scroll through artwork without logging in. But if you really want to upload your art, like what it has to offer, and want to comment on other people’s creations, I strongly suggest you subscribe. The app has a streamlined, drop-down user interface. You can either browse artwork from the popular section or choose from a more specific list by filtering by genre. Additionally, you can write a note to the artists as well as check their gallery and a daily diary similar to the social profile. I recommend this application to access the art of animation and illustration.

Despite this, always be sure to check what is posted as content may not be suitable for users under 18 years of age.

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6. Art Quiz

Art Quiz is a fun art quiz to test your skills in art and artists ranging from the Renaissance period to contemporary modern art. It contains many quizzes like Guess the Artist, Guess the Artwork, Artwork Creator and more. After making a guess, the app also shows you a quiz-related fun fact that can keep your curiosity high. You’ll get hints if you get stuck and you can also use the Ask a Friend option which automatically takes a screenshot of the question and gives you the option to share it. Each question has a 30 second timer, so keep calm and play.

Best apps for art lovers on iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app contains ads and there is no option to remove them, however, you can shut down the internet as a temporary solution. Here is a similar app on iOS.

Get Art Quiz for Android

7. Museum applications

As most classical arts are in a physical form and have a structure-like heritage. Most are carefully framed in museums. That means if it’s on the other side of the world, you probably won’t get a chance to watch it. But don’t worry, museums are slowly turning to tech, so some of them can offer a great online experience, local guides, the ability to buy tickets online, and more. Here are some nominations:

  • Yale University Art Gallery for iOS.
  • Asian Art Museum for iOS and Android.
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for iOS and Android.
  • Paris Museum of Modern Art for iOS and Android.

concluding remarks

There are applications that allow you to learn more about art, that allow you to visit museums online. Also, it tells you interesting facts about art and artists. If you are looking for a complete solution to your interest in art, then Google Arts & Culture is the app to install. Has information about art and artists. You can use the app to stream art to your TV. Moreover, there is a selfie camera that turns your face into art. I also recommend trying Art Quiz because this quiz game is very fun and you can learn a lot in a flashcard style game. Check out the best iPhone and Android apps to turn your photos into beautiful art paintings.

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