Best apps for vegetarians to try in 2021

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It goes without saying that a smartphone is not complete without the right apps. This is especially true if you are vegetarian or follow a vegan diet, or are considering adopting a vegan lifestyle. After all, from restaurant picker apps to recipe databases, there are apps that can add significant value to your daily life.

While most people might think eating meat is a healthy option, it’s actually just as bad as any unhealthy food, because this excerpt from How Not to Die fueled my plans to go on a diet. more vegan. I admit that even if I was well prepared, I knew it was not going to be an easy task, I would need the recipes, a way to know if the ingredients were vegan or not and above all, if I had lazy there could be a vegetarian restaurant on my doorstep. I know that sounds like a lot of research, but you can get all of this information right from your phone. Don’t believe me? Here are the best vegan diet apps in 2020.

“Perhaps the best way to reduce your exposure to industrial toxins is to eat as little as possible in the order of the food chain, a plant-based diet.” –Michael Greger

Best apps for vegetarians

1. Happy Cow

Happy Cow helps you find cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. in your area that cater to vegetarians. You also have the option to filter these results by vegetarian/vegan diet and distance from where you are. Additionally, since COVID-19 has made restaurant dining truly unsafe, the app also offers pickup and delivery of prepared and ready-to-eat meals.

You can browse the app for free, but many features like the travel saver option, which lets you save restaurants for offline viewing, cost $3.99.

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • Online drop down list.
  • A critical review of cooking and restaurant recipes.

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2. Ditch the meat

The first step to a vegan diet is to be a vegetarian. This app helps you “go meatless” by showing you your impact on the environment, every time you choose a vegetarian option over a meat product. For example, the amount of water you saved, the impact on emissions and the animals you saved by not eating meat. You can simply click on the consumption icons, which are fish, meat, milk, egg, etc., and add the quantity details which are then reflected on the main page.

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • More recipes in the app.
  • The UI can be very graphical for some, so it needs a more elegant interface.

Get Quit Meat for (iOS | Android)

3. Is it vegan?

There can be a lot of products like natural vanilla ice cream, pesto sauce, processed sugar, and more, that look vegan but aren’t. “Is it vegan? ” solve this problem.

You can use this app to easily verify any animal products or ingredients by scanning the UPC barcode with the in-app scanner. It tells you if a product is vegan or vegetarian. You will also see the full list of ingredients as well as a separate section for botanical ingredients.

The only downside is that this app is mostly based on US users, so if you live anywhere else, you might be disappointed. However, you have the option to manually search for components within the app, which can be ideal when you can’t use a scanner.

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • I would prefer if UPC barcode support was universal.
  • Detailed ingredient information.

Get Is It Vegan for (iOS | Android)

4. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart

This app aims to help anyone who wants to switch to a vegan diet by providing a 21-day vegan plan. Start by subscribing to the email and setting a start date. Once you’re done, the app tells you what to eat for the next 21 days. A quick time-saving tip is to book an appointment a week in advance, giving you time to go through the ingredients section for each week.

Since it is based on scientific research, it can be a good starting point for someone with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. You can find many low fat vegan recipes like pita pizza, vegan toast, pumpkin oatmeal, sweet potato, etc.

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • Ability to use it without logging in.

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5. Plant Jammer

This application allows you to select the ingredients you already have to create a new recipe. Just tell the app if you’re a beginner or pro cook, set a goal (like eating more vegetables), and you’re good to go. In the next step you choose the vegetables you have in the kitchen like green broccoli, carrot, beet etc. and the app also gives you a suggestion like a quick stir fry salad.

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • More convenient ingredient list.

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6. TalkVeganToMe

The first things anyone trying to follow a vegetarian diet will face are counter-arguments like, “But you’re killing pests while you’re growing vegetables” or “Not all animals are slaughtered inhumanely.” If you find yourself in such situations, this application can be a great starting point to counter these arguments. You can get a list of arguments and rejections on the main page for a quick overview. What I like most about this app is that the arguments are supported by sources.

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • Better user interface with graphics and illustrations.
  • Support to send your own questions.

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7. Vegan Amino

Keep in mind that “Vegan Amino” is similar to Facebook. It is a social networking app to connect with other vegetarians around the world.

Like Facebook, you have a feed on the homepage where you can see photos posted by your fellow vegans, chat with them, and comment like you would on any other platform. It’s a great place to discover new vegan dishes, get cooking tips and also find the best tips for a vegan lifestyle.

Features like creating polls, creating chat rooms are only for new users and you can unlock them by posting your message, posting comments and connecting to the community which is the only downside for me .

Best Apps for Vegetarian Dieters to Try in 2021 - Android iOS

Features that are better to have

  • The interface is less cluttered.
  • A faster and easier way to create an account.

Get Vegan Amino for (iOS | Android)

Other Ways to Learn About a Vegetarian Diet

Downloading these apps can help you a lot, but since it is a vegetarian diet, it is better to talk about it through topics. You can find information about it all over the internet. You can simply start by writing a vegan or vegan diet online and researching it yourself. Additionally, you can also follow subgroups such as Vegan and Vegan Recipes to find a community of people to help clear your doubts. Also, there are a lot of great vegan YouTubers who share information about the vegan diet and vegan cooking, the two channels I follow are The Vegan Corner and Avant-Garde Vegan.

closing notes

This was a list of apps that can help you gradually transition to a vegan diet and a better lifestyle. In my opinion, you should give Plant Jammer a try right away because it’s not only focused on a vegan diet, but you can access recipes with any ingredient you have in your kitchen. Additionally, the Is It Vegan app will also help you remove products that may contain dairy or animal ingredients from your shopping list. Finally, if you’re looking for a science-backed diet to transition to a vegan meal plan, the 21 Day Vegan Kickstarter is a great way to get started and gradually move towards veganism.

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