Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021

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Clock widgets are one of the most popular widgets on Android. It really makes the home screen feel smooth and lively. Also, it’s easier to see compared to the small clock position on the status bar. The most popular tools include time details as well as weather information and add another level to their functionality. There are plenty of great options to choose from. Of course, there are also plenty of old clock gadgets that no longer work well, so we’ve filtered them out to pick the best ones.

Although your Android device offers a neat watch widget with weather details, it lacks two important things: customization and functionality. For example, watch style, color, direction and weather widget cannot be changed. Also, it is not possible to configure your favorite weather app to retrieve its details, to-do list or group events using the tool.

But, luckily, there are third-party clock widgets for Android that bring you a whole bunch of customizations with additional minute functions like event reminders, live timer, to-do list, group events , etc. Here are the best clock widgets for Android.

The best clock widgets for Android

1. Digital clock widget

Features: Custom click action to open app

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Digital Clock Widget is a Pixel-Esque clock widget application. Moreover, it offers options to customize the color, design, style of the clock, etc. My favorite feature is the ability to customize the tap option. For example, you can set Spotify to open when you press the watch. It’s just a hidden way to quickly launch your favorite app.

Download Digital Clock Widget

2. Another Widget

Features: Additional set of customizations and pixel style clock widget

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Similar to the Digital Clock Widget, the following app also offers a Pixel-Esque Clock Widget. But, aside from the usual customizations, it has more tricks up its sleeve. One of my favorite features on Android is the “Insight. Which allows you to quickly see upcoming events on the home page and lock screen. Another widget takes the widget”InsightOne step forward and lets you view currently playing songs, custom ratings, and step count.

If you have a Pixel or Android device, Another Widget is a must-have app to display the clock widget.

Download another widget

3. Will Graham Clock Widget

Features: Hannibal lovers

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

This watch tool is inspired by NBC’s Hannibal Will Graham character. It has color patterns – white and black and a total of 4 dials.

Download Will Graham Clock Widget

4. Chronicle

Features: Lots of widget options ranging from weather to Google News.

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Chronus Information Widgets is the densest clock widget app on this list. It gives you a standard time widget but on top of that there are a total of 18 widgets (13 free and 5 paid). These widgets focus on calendar events, weather forecasts, Google News, etc. Widgets mainly revolve around Google applications such as Google Tasks, Google Calendar, etc. with an option to customize them.

Download Chronus information widgets

5. Transparent Clock

Features: Weather information with Android device statistics

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Transparent Clock, as the name suggests, is an app that provides a transparent weather and clock widget. The amount of weather detail is comparable to that of Chronus. In addition to that, it also provides device analytics and statistics like battery percentage, temperature, device storage, etc. A neat little feature is real-time weather alerts.

Download Transparent clock and weather

6. Overdrop

Features: Weather app with weather widgets

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Unlike Chronos and Transparent Clock, Overdrop is a weather app. It pulls data from the popular local weather source Dark Sky. Apart from weather information, there is also weather forecast and weather radar. However, the Overdrop widget option is paid at $9 per year. But you get 51 clock and weather widgets.

Download Overdrop – Hyperlocal and Storm Radar ($9 per year)

7. Onca Clock Widget

Features: Clock widget similar to what is available on Motorola and Nexus phones

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Onca clock widget brings back the oval-shaped clock widget from Motorola and Nexus devices. The most important feature of the app is that it allows you to set multiple home screen widgets with different time zones. This is really useful if you are working with a client from a different time zone.

Download Onca Clock Widget

8. Retro Clock Widget

Features: Calendar style clock display

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Retro Clock Widget brings the spiral calendar back to your Android home screen. It provides 5 dark clock widgets with different orientations. Unfortunately, there is no customization option or weather information.

Download retro clock widget

9. 8-bit command window

Features: Cards for phones, Twitter and Google apps in 8-bit style.

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

The 8-bit command window is an older 8-bit user interface application. Apart from clock widgets, it also gives you the option to display messages or quickly launch certain apps from the widget. The app reminds me more of DOS Terminal than 8Bit games. The only downside to the app is the lack of resizing options for the tools, and since the last update in 2014 you have to live with that caveat.

Download 8-Bit Command Window ($1.26)

10. Xperia Digital Clock Widget

Features: Xperia-style clock widget and weather information from

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

My first Android device was the Xperia Miro and I loved it because of the dynamic home screen. The digital clock widget attempts to bring the same vibe with the old-school Xperia watch widgets. One of my favorite features is the weather option. If you tap on weather information, instead of heading to an app, a pop-up window shows the weather forecast for the whole week.

Download Xperia Widget Digital Clock

11. Round clock

Features: live clock

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Round Clock is an application that provides a nice live digital clock widget. It has a second tag with the ability to customize font, background color, sticker, etc.

Download round clock

12. Clock #io16

Features: An elegant tool based on IO 2016

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

#io16 is a neat watch widget based on Google IO 2016. You can also get a similar watch interface, in case you are using WearOS.

Download clock #io16

13. Mr. DuoClock

Features: Time display for different time zones

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Mr.DuoClock is an application that displays a simple clock widget where you can see the time of two different time zones. Hence the name. It also gives you cosmetic customizations similar to other apps and tools.

Download Mr. DuoClock

14. Sectorograph

Features: Tight integration with calendar events

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Sectoragraph is a clock widget display app, but more importantly, it integrates well with your default Google or Android calendar. It is for calendar enthusiast users who have restricted appointments, meetings, and events in Google Calendar. It shows a pie chart with the clock spreading out your entire day.

Download Sectoragraph

15. KWGT

KWGT is the king of tool building and this list wouldn’t be complete without it. In case you didn’t know, KWGT is a custom widget generator that gives you tons of clock and weather widgets. Moreover, you can customize the tools from shape, color, size and even content. Apart from the built-in widgets, there are also a host of KWGT-compatible clock widgets on the Play Store.

Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2021 - Android

Download KWGT Widget Maker

closing words

I use Sectoragraph because it integrates well with calendar events. Also, I can ask google assistant to add events in google calendar and it reflects on the widget. Let me know which is your favorite or if I missed some of the options shown.

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