Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals

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Every successful business starts with a vision. As a business owner, it’s important to visualize what you want to achieve for your business. A vision board or dream board can be a powerful tool to help you express your aspirations. Creating a dream board is both fun and rewarding. It’s also easy, especially in the digital age where you can easily download and use good dream board apps.

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, there is a perfect app for you to create a vision board. So set your goals for this year, gather the inspiration to achieve them, and let your creativity run free.

A dream board or vision board is a board created by a person that includes their dreams, thoughts, hopes, quotes, affirmations, and aspirations in life, organized as clippings or images cut into magazines or printed from a computer. It was the beginning of this idea and this painting of a documentary film in the name of secrecy that talks about ideas and feelings that make the future from a point of view Hope for the best and you will find it.

For example, if you really want to buy a sports car, try putting a picture on your vision board. The traditional method asks you to put the pictures on the actual boards but as you know it is not easy to hold and look at them all the time. However, a phone with a perfect vision panel app would easily solve this problem. So here are the best vision board apps to achieve your goals.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is not a standard app for creating a vision board, but you can use it for this task. Here’s how. Open Google Keep and create a regular note. Now attach photos to the note through your camera or gallery. For inspiration, you can also add your favorite quote below the images. However, in order to show your visibility at all times on the home screen, you need to add the Keep widget.

To see your photos at the top of the widget, be sure to pin them to Notes.

The only downside to Google Keep is that it won’t work the same on iOS. You have the option to add the widget but it does not support preview image display.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • You don’t need an additional app.
  • Adding reminders is easy.
  • Ability to collaborate with others.
  • Tasks can be used in vision.

What’s not good?

  • This is not an app to create a vision board.
  • Depends on the tool on the main screen to work.
  • There is no image preview in the widget on iOS.

Get Google Keep (iOS | Android)

2. My vision board

Although Google continues to do business, it does not send you a reminder, and that is why My Vision Board is featured. Apart from the usual features like adding images and quotes, you also have the option of adding affirmations. Affirmation is basically a way of thinking positively and talking about the positive statements you’ve gotten for yourself.

Affirmations in New Age and thinking terms primarily refer to the practice of positive thinking and empowerment – ​​reinforcing the belief that “positive mental behavior supported by affirmations will bring success in anything” .

Let’s take an example quote from the app itself.

I have the power to create all the success and prosperity that I desire.

This may not seem like a very powerful quote at first glance, but it can work wonders if you read it and talk about what you can do every day. These statements also help the subconscious to feel motivated in the long term.

The app has a database full of carefully grouped claims. You also have the option of typing your affirmations manually. But, with the large number of built-in templates, you will hardly feel the need for it. Moreover, if you are one of those people who need the necessary motivation every morning, there is also an option to set a daily affirmation reminder. And! If you’re a singer like me, you can add your soothing voice with affirmations.

My Vision Board is a good app to create the perfect vision board. However, the frequent pop-up ads may annoy you a bit.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Separate Affirmations section.
  • A reminder can be added to display confirmations.
  • Built-in diary with task option.

What’s not good?

  • Frequent pop-up ads.

Get My Vision Board (Android)

3. Visu APP

Unlike My Vision Board, VisuApp is also available for iPhone users. Similar to the rest of the apps, it lets you add photos on the vision board. You can either choose to write on pictures or add a web link to your dream world. For example, if you find a car you want to buy or a movie that inspires you to travel, you can identify with all of that as well.

The app also has a pro version which provides features like access to a Feng-Shui chart and a gratitude journal where you can add three things you are grateful for each day. That said, the price seemed a bit exaggerated. Just to get an ad-free experience, you will have to pay $28.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Add links to your goals.
  • It’s easy to set multiple reminders.
  • Backup can be done online.

What’s not good?

  • Too expensive if you want to remove ads.

Get VisuApp (iOS | Android)

4. Vision board | feng shui

The Vision Board app works a bit differently than the other apps on this list. It was created in the Feng Shui style, called a bagua map. The card is represented by nine points of focus that help you achieve more in your life. So instead of a vision board that just shows your dreams as a random gallery, this chart will serve up things like Wealth, Prosperity, Prosperity, Love, Marriage, Job, Career, family, past, etc. For me, this is a great app because it makes you think about these nine elements of your own life, and there’s hardly any area that this card doesn’t touch.

“Bagua” is a map that translates the movement of energy and distributes it into nine axes, each of these axes symbolizing an aspect of human life. This card represents the association of each part of the house with a specific aspect of life such as health, wisdom, work, love, creativity and wealth….. This card helps to identify how to distribute and Arrange furniture, chores and artwork in order to attract more beautiful positive energy into home and life.

Apart from the Bagua Method, it can also work as a normal vision chart app. Allows you to manually add a deadline and a comment on it. There’s also a reminder feature, so you can set the time and customize a message for your prompts to show up in your notification drawer. There are banner ads at the bottom which cannot be removed as the pro version is still under development. So, if you are irritated by the ads, you have no choice but to feel helpless.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Nice user interface.
  • It was created based on the bagua map.
  • Multiple features.

What’s not good?

  • Banners below.
  • Professional features are still under development.

Get the Vision Board (iOS | Android)

5. VYBO vision board

Most vision board apps let you take photos or import them from your gallery, but VYBO takes a different approach. It allows you to search images through Google search and import them instantly. The image search option is in the upper right corner of the panel. Type your search query and simply click on the image. The app drops the image onto the canvas and you can now add text and music to it.

On top of that, if you like playing with text, VYBO has plenty of formatting options. You can change the font, its color and even customize the text behind or above the image layer. If you want to use a painting as your image, you can download it and set it as wallpaper, screen saver, whatever you want!

The only problem with VYBO is the reminders. The callback option is flawed as it just shows a white screen. Somehow I managed to set the booster (Ninja Techniques 😮), but it still didn’t show it. I think it’s a device specific problem, but you can try it too.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Save images directly from Google search results.
  • Add text and change its format.
  • Editing in several layers.

What’s not good?

  • Callback option disabled.

Get the VYBO Vision Board (iOS | Android)


Pinterest isn’t a vision board app, but it handles boards pretty well. It contains thousands of unique images and one can easily organize everything in separate panels. For example, I have a Pinterest motivation board where I put all the quotes that inspire me. Likewise, it’s easy to search for almost any image and use it as an idea.

Pinterest has some creative motivational quotes, but it lacks some basic features of the Vision Board app. You don’t get basic features like creating reminders and multiple photos on a board. You also need to open the app and go to the History section to view your vision.

Best Dream Board Maker Apps for Long Term Goals - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Extensive photo database.
  • Able to create paintings.
  • Painting can be made private.

What’s not good?

  • This is not an app to create a vision board.
  • Reminders cannot be set.

Get Pinterest (iOS | Android)

Should I use a vision board?

Certainly yes! Will it help you?

Well, if you’re lying on the couch with a packet of regular pretzel chips and watching Netflix, I’m afraid these apps won’t do you any good. Motivation takes into account other things around you, so you might feel energized today but not tomorrow. On the other hand, discipline and work ethic are exclusive and this should happen regardless of any other factors.

As a wise man once said, the Motivation is temporary But Discipline lasts forever. So make a vision and then work on it. Later, if you really want to get ahead in the game, try these vision board apps for long-term goals!

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