Best Multiplayer Cricket Games for Android

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Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world, and in some countries people follow it a lot. It is the most exciting game to play outdoors as well as on your phone or PC, and the best part of this sport is that you can play against your friend anytime you want.

Cricket is a complex sport whose rules are difficult for beginners to understand. For others, it’s a game like no other. It basically features multiplayer matches and is more fun when you play it with friends. I will not only share some of the best multiplayer cricket games for Android, but also some interesting facts and trivia for your enjoyment. Relax and get ready for cricket. let’s start.

1. WCC2 or World Cricket Championship 2

WCC2 can be played in two ways: online and offline. Then there are different modes like Quick game where you can just start the game andTournament mode in which matches are divided into peer-to-peer andODI series. And World T20 And more. The only thing that bothered me about this game is the player name system. He was disfigured (S Dwahan for anyone) because he has no license. The animation is great and there are over 150 scenes between batter and pitcher.

Best Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android - Android

The controls are well-designed and ergonomically placed for easy access, and gaming is very enjoyable. There are different levels of difficulty when throwing the ball and when hitting. The multiple camera angles make things interesting, especially when the third referee is required to make decisions. There is a useful tutorial to learn everything. Much attention has been paid to details such as playing field conditions when throwing the ball, D/L system, weather, player traits and specializations, player sentiment and stats.

WCC2 is one of the most popular multiplayer cricket games for Android smartphone users.

Download WCC2: Android (supported by ads, in-app purchases)

2. Real cricket streak

Real Cricket is a series of games designed to focus on different ways of playing. There’s the Premier League, Australian T20 Bash, Champions League, RC Go, 17 and Test Match. There are many options for playing cricket. These are all multiplayer cricket games for android users and they come with amazing realistic graphics. The Go version is only 35MB in size, which is suitable for low-resource smartphones, but all other games offer amazing detail and graphics.

Best Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android - Android

The games are centered around a theme such as the various tournaments taking place around the world. Take part in auctions, build your team, climb to the top of the tournament, create player profiles and much more. The game’s creators have teamed up with Gray-Nicols and SS Cricket to provide authentic cricket kits such as bats, shin guards, gloves, helmets and more. You can wear whatever you want while taking on friends in your favorite game of cricket.

Download Real Cricket: Android (supported by ads, in-app purchases)

3. Sachin Saga

Sachin Tendulkar is the undisputed champion of cricket. He is the people’s hero of his country and is widely regarded as a cricketing legend in India. You must install Sachin Saga if you are a real fan of Sachin, and a real fan of the sport itself because he embodies it. You will play as the character and play their life in the game. Be the main legend to experience what it is like.

Best Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android - Android

The iconic stick, line up and throw technique has been masterfully adopted to give you an authentic experience. Some of the game’s most famous moments and matches have been recreated and you will be able to play those matches. There is a multiplayer cricket mode, but there is also a tournament option and a story mode. You have to face some of his worst nightmares and incredible adversaries in Sachin Saga.

Download Sachin Saga: Android (supported by ads, in-app purchases)

4. CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

Have you ever managed an IPL team? Well, here’s your chance. You will be the CSK team leader led by Captain Cole, MS Dhoni. Build your own team, decide who gets to play and why, and play cricket in five different modes, including Super Speed ​​and Full Mode.

Best Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android - Android

Super Matches mode will give you a target score of a real match played in the famous stadium and you have to reach it. In Super Over, you will play a match to reach the goal. Cricket supports multiplayer between 2 and 5 players at the same time. This is the official app with full CSK support and that’s why everything is real and there is no parody. Names, clothing, situations, gameplay and everything else are inspired by real events.

Download CSK Battle of Chepauk 2: Android (ad-supported in-app purchases)

5. Stick Cricket Super League

One of the funniest multiplayer cricket games for Android users, Stick Cricket will let you manage and lead your own Twenty20 cricket team and compete in various tournaments. Like all other stick games, it is very addictive yet simple to play. You have full control over typing, but the launcher will be automatic. For this reason, there is an option to forgo throwing and see the ball directly hit the racket.

Best Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android - Android

Stick Cricket succeeds where many game developers have failed by taking a simplistic approach. Since cricket is a complex game with many variables, they made throwing the ball automatic and simplified the method of hitting with timing and left or right movement. There’s not a variety of shots here, but it’s more fun that way.

Download Stick Cricket Super League: Android (supported by ads, in-app purchases)

Multiplayer cricket games for android

These are some of the best multiplayer cricket games that you can play with your friends both online and offline on your Android smartphones. Cricket is a very complex game which makes it difficult for developers to create good games but these games are really amazing and the number of variations you can control is amazing except Stick Cricket. It has made a name for itself and it does what it does best: simplify. If you know of any other great cricket games on the play store, share them with us in the comments below. Check out the best soccer games for Android to develop your soccer manager skills.

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