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word origami Derived from Or I which means folding, and kami Which means paper which is known as the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, the word “origami” is used as an umbrella term for all folding practices, regardless of the culture of origin. The goal is to transform a flat piece of paper into a finished sculpture through folding techniques. Modern origami practitioners generally advise against the use of cut and paste, glue, or making marks on the paper.

A few basic origami shapes can be combined in various ways to create intricate designs. The best known origami model is crane It is one of the most popular forms of the Japanese art of paper folding. Typically, these designs start with a square piece of paper, the sides of which can be in different colors, prints, or patterns.

I remember practicing the art of paper folding in middle school. It was the only art class I was looking forward to because chalk wasn’t exactly what I liked. Well, the memories came back watching the series La casa de papel. Origami brought back memories and I couldn’t think of a better place to start while stuck at home.

To get help, I used a bunch of apps. Now, origami is more than just folding papers in half. It may sound easy, but it takes a lot of focus and patience to master this art. So the apps and tutorials should be very easy. With that in mind, here are the best origami apps for iOS and Android.

Best origami apps

1. How to make origami

How to Make Origami makes it very simple with its step-by-step instructions. It shows how to create these shapes by viewing a 3D animation, so you won’t get confused along the way. Origami is divided into categories such as animals, birds, flowers, furniture, etc. You can jump to any stage and in case you get lost, you can also repeat the stages. The Repeat option is very useful when trying to teach children to do this.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app is free, but you will rarely see skippable video ads. It’s not intrusive but I wish I had the option to subscribe in order to remove it.

general opinion

  • 3D animated shapes.
  • Easily update and change stages.
  • Add the shapes you like to your favorites folder.

Find out how to make origami (iOS | Android)

2. Orimagi Paper

Unlike other apps, this app contains both photo and video tutorials. The images section is very basic, as it does not contain any animations like the app mentioned above. However, the instructions are easy to follow every step of the way. The video section, on the other hand, is much more complete than the photo section. Although all of these videos are from YouTube, having all the content in one place makes it even more convenient.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app has sections for novice and intermediate users. Plus, you’re not just limited to basic shapes. You can find videos on fashion, home decor, gift ideas, and more. Also, if your kids aren’t interested in origami, the Pokemon section might catch their attention. The only problem is that the app prompts you to watch video ads which can be skipped after five seconds.

general opinion

  • Photo and video lessons.
  • Easy to create content for experienced people.
  • Only available on Android.

Get Paper Orimagi (Android)

3. Paperama

Once you get hooked on origami, you start consuming a lot of paper. Today, we are all slowly becoming aware of the environmental degradation we are causing. Also, there are times when the paper runs out. With this app you can play, fold paper and create shapes virtually on your phone. It has a 3D paper space where you are guided through every step, just like you would in real life. You have one end of creases and then you have to start over. You can undo stages, get hints and unlock levels as you go to create the perfect figure.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

There are a total of 96 levels which get harder and harder to solve after each level you pass. The best part is that you have ambient background music which helps you focus and pay attention.

general opinion

  • Virtual paper folding art game.
  • Advice at every step.
  • Support background music.

Get Paperama (iOS | Android)

4. Skilled Origami

If you find creating origami with animal and bird figures too easy, you may want to move on to more difficult and complex shapes. Therefore, Skilled Origami will help you. This app contains intricate shapes of dinosaurs, submarines and other unusual shapes like space invaders, witches etc. If you use the app wisely, you can work on your technique with these step-by-step tutorials.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Another thing, I loved that the app gives credit to the designers with the name of each person mentioned along with the look they created. Thanks!

general opinion

  • Variety of intricate designs.
  • Step by step instructions.
  • Only available on iOS.

Get Skilled Origami (iOS)

5. Custom origami apps

I’m sure the first time you tried your hand at the art of paper folding was making a paper kite or boat (who didn’t!). At least it was for me! But now I still want to experiment with creating it, but maybe with different types and shapes. Although most apps teach the basics of making these shapes, there are plenty of apps dedicated to making origami shapes in a particular way. For example, kites, weapons, boats, etc. Here is a list of custom origami apps if you want to enhance the creation of a particular shape of origami.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

  • Origami Flying Paper Airplanes for iOS and Android to create paper planes.
  • Origami Paper Birds for iOS and Android to create bird shapes.
  • Origami Boats for Android to create paper boats.
  • Origami Weapons for Android to create paper weapons.
  • Origami Dragons for Android to create paper dragons.
  • Origami Furniture for Android to create home furniture.

6. Social media platforms

If you don’t want to download a lot of apps, you can always use your everyday apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to learn how to make origami. For example, I use the #Origami hashtag on Instagram to keep my feed up to date for constant motivation. This way I can watch the photo or videos and learn. It also makes the whole process interactive as you can instantly chat with people.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

You can use a similar search like origami, origami tutorial on Pinterest. If you want more individual tutorials, videos are a great option. You can find lots of educational content on Youtube. Some of the channels I recommend are Jo Nakashima, Daniel Sechel Origami, Origami How To, and Arte & Origami.

7. Origami Simulator

Origami Simulator is a web application that lets you simulate origami designs. So you can see in real time how the pattern you can choose will appear. It’s a bit different from other apps because it shows you a 3D view and bends all the parts at once instead of step by step. In terms of control, you can use the slider to fold and unfold the paper. You can also rotate and zoom in and out.

Best origami apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

For the average user, you can try playing around with basic shapes like a crane, kite, train, etc. You can also view this look in virtual reality by enabling WebVR in your browser and using Vive or Oculus glasses.

You can also import or export SVG files with the option to save the simulation and save it as an image.

general opinion

  • 3D simulation of origami patterns.
  • Multiple import or export modes.
  • Virtual reality support.

Visit the origami simulator

concluding remarks

Whether you want to try your hand at paper folding or just want your child to learn this art. It’s a great way to pass the time and it’s also great mental exercise. Hope you can make most of these shapes and surprise your friends by leaving your origami at the study table. This was our list of the best origami apps for iOS and Android. If you have more, leave a comment below.

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