Best Personal Security Apps on iOS and Android

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Transportation apps like Uber and Ola have already built safety features into their apps, such as real-time geolocation sharing, an emergency button that redirects calls to the police, and location-based alerts. Whatever the reason, these personal safety apps for Android and iOS can help take more anxiety off your mind.

Most of these apps are available on Android and iOS, along with a few exclusively for one system over another. However, you can also check out this list of dedicated third-party security apps.

Best personal security apps

1. Emergency SOS (integrated option)

Android and iOS have a lot of options we don’t use and some we don’t know about, SOS Emergency is one of the features I didn’t configure. This feature is very basic but comes in handy when needed. To try it out, simply press the side (or top) button five times (three times) quickly, which will activate SOS and place a call to your emergency contact.

Best personal security apps on iOS and Android - Android iOS

You can add a maximum of three numbers, in addition to the default number. You can also set the auto dial function (call within 3 seconds) but this can only be configured for the default number. Alternatively, an option to send an SOS message is also available. Enabling this option will take photos of the surroundings and send photos. Additionally, you can also send an automatic 5-second audio recording of the surroundings. Exactly the same is available on iPhone and you can edit your emergency contacts as well.

When a call is made to the SOS emergency services, the phone automatically dials the local emergency number. In some countries and regions, you may need to choose the service you need. For example, in Mainland China, you can choose Police, Fire, or Ambulance.

You can also add emergency contacts. When the emergency call ends, the phone alerts your emergency contacts with a text message, unless you choose to cancel. Your phone sends your current location to your emergency contacts and updates those contacts when your location changes after a period of time while in SOS mode.

2.Google Maps

Undeniably, this is the navigation app when you want to access your current location details or need to know directions to somewhere. So the next time you open the app look for a feature Share your location. It’s a way to share your real-time location with your friends and family. You can access it by clicking on the menu option at the top right and selecting Share your location. Easily share your location in real time, for 15 minutes to 3 days or until you turn it off.

Best personal security apps on iOS and Android - Android iOS

If you are already going somewhere, you can scroll down and choose Share your trip progress. This will share the current location until you reach the destination.

If you are a parent and have a young child unable to manage the Maps app, you can track their whereabouts through the Family Link app.

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3. Parachute (iOS)

Emergencies happen. It is one of the facts of life. And while you can’t control when and where it happens, you can control how prepared you are. When it comes time to need help, you only want something.good enough. You want the best tool possible. The parachute is your choice.

Once you have Parachute installed, the preview after opening the app is quite simple. With one click, you can share your whereabouts and stream audio and video with your trusted contacts. It is really easy to use because one click calls all your trusted contacts simultaneously and sends them SMS and emails. Video is recorded discreetly by displaying a black screen instead of a video preview during recording. Parachute also erases all traces of evidence from the phone after keeping it away, even if someone gets the phone and tries to read its data they won’t find anything and they won’t be able to find what you have done.

Best personal security apps on iOS and Android - Android iOS

Some of the features that I personally find very useful are video recording with multiple cameras, the app allows you to record video with front and rear cameras simultaneously. The app supports iOS 13.0 or later and can be accessed on iPhone XR and later. You can also activate the app via Siri. It records video until you manually stop it, pressing any button or random key on the screen will not stop recording.

If you’re obsessed with privacy, the app expressly states that it doesn’t share any information until the case has been brought to court, which could be a great reason to take advantage of the details provided by this application. One limitation is that the app is not available for free as it costs $9.99 per month, but you can still take advantage of the trial period (30 days). There is no Android version but you can request easy access by providing your email here.

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4. Find My (iOS)

Apple recently incorporated bothFind an iPhone” And”find my friendsand renamed it to becomelocate the place. Apart from the ability to share real-time geolocation, you can also track another Apple device along with many features offered. You can lock, erase and send personalized messages once the device is confirmed as lost. But what about a personal security measure and how does this feature track other people?

Best personal security apps on iOS and Android - Android iOS

You must choose the tab”The peopleat the bottom of the Find My app. Click on a specific contact and press to share , When you share your location with someone, they will have the option to share their location with you. Once the request has been accepted, you can click on the contact, select Request to follow the site then choose “Okay. You can add multiple locations and get notified when someone leaves or arrives at the potential location. These subtle differences are also very useful.

5. Carelife (Android)

I can easily say that this app is an emergency toolkit. Once you install and configure it, you get the unexpected in the form of tiles. Once you press the emergency, it gives you 10 seconds to cancel the alarm. If you don’t, it sends them as calls and messages along with warnings. You can test the app in beta mode by sending alerts to your test contacts. The first step is to complete your profile which contains details of your name, blood type, state and country. In the event of a specific and permanent problem or in the event of allergic or chronic conditions, you may also provide personal medical information.

Best personal security apps on iOS and Android - Android iOS

There is also a premium version of the app, which provides an alert for verified disasters in your area. Along with tips and tricks, it provides contact details for various disaster management agencies in your area. If you face situations where there is no internet, you can also share and receive geolocation updates. Don’t worry, there’s no need to log in and there are no ads or interruptions.

The only caveat is when using the voice detection option. You can try setting it up and enabling it when you say Help! But somehow it can’t work. These features are often unreliable in emergency situations.

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6. Smart Watches

I live with my grandfather and as it happens with old people, he uses a support to walk. God forbid if something were to happen and fall out, even if there are only a few chances, remember that precaution is better than cure. With the Apple Watch Series 4, it can detect a hard fall and call emergency service if such a possibility arises. Thus, when a fall occurs, the watch vibrates and alerts you. If it detects that you haven’t moved for more than a minute, it will automatically place a call. It asks you in advance to create a medical ID containing information about your medical condition and emergency contacts.

Best personal security apps on iOS and Android - Android iOS

But you don’t want to use your Apple Watch? Well, if you are one of those users, there is an option for you as well. You can also take advantage of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which recently got a similar feature.

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closing words

There are plenty of options to choose from on both platforms, but these are just a few that I tested. Native features on Android and iOS are already there and work for most of the cases, but if you want dedicated support and additional features like video recording, audio recording, notification when someone arrives or leaves , hidden recording, etc., these apps are worth a try. Apple already has a solid support system built in and that’s enough in my opinion. Android, on the other hand, does it with Maps but with a few missing features. Carelife is here to fill those gaps. I hope you don’t fall into a situation where you need one of these apps, but if you’re having trouble, rely on your logical thinking first, then these apps, good luck!

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