Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021)

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In the digital age, poetry has taken a mobile-friendly transition to shorter, more accessible poems. It’s hard not to love fonts that look pretty on screen. While the Instagram network is a great place to learn about poem masterpieces, it’s usually not where they’re created. Whether you’re looking to write, read, or learn more about poetry, there’s probably a poetry app for you.

Poetry is no longer reserved for the few who study it as a subject. With multimedia and technology, everyone can access a huge collection of poems of different genres all over the world. If you’re a bit creative and tend to write every day, there are plenty of resources that can help you understand what makes a good poem. You can read poetry magazines, find rhyming words in the dictionary, and even ask your friends to write with you. If you’re wondering how this is all going to turn out. Well, just by using your phone. If you are still not sure, here are the best poetry apps for iOS and Android to explain this question better.

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android

1. Poetry magnets

best for Anyone looking to bypass writer’s block and find a new way to write poems and form sentences.

I had planned to add a dedicated writing app, like Pure Writer, but like most native notes apps on our phones, like Google Keep and Apple’s Notes app, it’s packed with features and you got also the possibility of writing in the last application of this list. (continue reading). Here’s Poetry Magnets who have a different take on writing and overcoming writer’s block. You just have to scroll through the words and click on the words of your choice, which you can drag and arrange according to your preference to create the poem.

“Writer’s block is a condition primarily associated with writing, in which the author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a slowdown in their creative work. »

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021) - Android iOS

The app also has a premium version which gives you the option to add the perfect words, offers more workspace, removes ads, etc. for a one-time cost of $2.5. You can also find a similar app for iOS.

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2. Daily English Poems

best for Anyone looking for a daily dose of a random poem in their notification panel.

Just like the habit of getting up early every day and exercising which fuels your muscles, reading a poem every day will certainly help you. This app works the same way that every day it shows you a random poem and author. It contains a database of more than 30 poets with ten thousand poems accessible offline at any time. Apart from the daily notification, you can also search for a poem and a poet and add them to your favourites. If you are bored with text layout, just change text size and change font from settings with dark mode option. You can also use the app without signing up, which is great if you’re like me and just want to browse poems.

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021) - Android iOS

The only problem is that it takes a while to download poems when you first open the app, but after that it works like a breeze.

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3. Poet Assistant

best for Anyone looking for a comprehensive app to access word meanings, synonyms and rhyme.

Poet Assistant is an open source application that provides you with all the tools you might need to write your poem. It’s an offline app that replaces the regular dictionary with poetry-centric features like the rhyming dictionary where words are sorted into equivalent categories made up of words that rhyme with each other. It also usually supports multiple rhyme types and possibly alliteration as well. If you want to hear the sound of your poem, you can take advantage of the text-to-speech integration, where you can write and listen to the poem with any number of characters. Moreover, it is also a regular thesaurus and an offline dictionary.

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021) - Android iOS

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4. Haiku JAM

best for- Beginners who want to write short poems daily.

If you’ve always thought that writing poems is an act of loneliness. This app attempts to bust that myth by making writing a more collaborative process. You can use the app to write 3 lines of poems called Jams with other users. Although you have random texts to complete, you also have the option of defining and describing your own topic so that others can contribute to it. To stay motivated and motivated, you can also track your progress, earn badges, and earn karma points as you type.

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021) - Android iOS

You can easily create an account with your Google account, Facebook or phone number and basic profile details.

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5. Poetry Magainze

best for- Anyone looking for a monthly dose of a handpicked hair magazine editorial.

This application is the digital form of the oldest monthly poetry magazine founded in 1912. You can find many carefully selected and well-organized poems for mobile reading. Reading in this app is very easy as you can swipe to switch pages, tap the thumbnail to instantly jump to a specific page, and use the search bar to find specific writings. What I like the most about this app is that you can save articles in a tab called Album and display it later. You should note that only some versions are available for free download, but others are available for $2.5.

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021) - Android iOS

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6. Poetizer – Social network for poetry

best for Users who need social media to post their work and find poems from other users.

This app is similar to HaikuJAM but gets serious because you don’t write three lines of poem anymore. The app contains NewsFeed, which displays poems according to your choice and gives you more relevant poems as you use the app more and more. You also have tabs for the poem for the day, week, and month, as well as the following tab which shows updates from all the poets you follow. The coolest part of the app is the writing section, which lets you post poems and add hashtags for better access, and the draft option, in case you’re still not sure or want to work more on the poem.

Best poetry apps for iOS and Android (2021) - Android iOS

You can easily browse the app without signing up.

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Whether it’s writing poetry, reading poetry, talking to other poets, or asking for reviews. Reddit does it all. Although it cannot be considered a dedicated application, you can join subgroups dedicated to poetry, comment on other people’s posts and also ask other poets to critique your poem. The best part about subgroups is that you’ll often find good, knowledgeable people who can help you improve your hair. On top of that, there are community guidelines, so spam messages will always be kept away. Here are some of the subgroups you can join.

  • r/Poetry – Share published poems.
  • r/poetryreading – Provide poetry recitations.
  • r/OCPoetry – Share and discuss original poetry.
  • r/poetry_critics – critiques and constructive feedback.

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concluding remarks

In this long list of poetry apps, I suggest you try Poetizer. It’s a social app and gives you insight into other businesses that can spark your creativity. Moreover, Poetry Magazine and Daily English Poems are ideal apps, which you can use to read poems even if you are not a writer. Some of my poet friends use Poetry Assistant a lot to look up new words and discover better alternative words in their poems. There are many apps on the app store that you can try, however, these are the best poetry apps in my opinion and will suffice if you want to learn.

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