Best prank apps for Android (2020)

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Pranks are the best source of entertainment, and they are what make you smile and fool others. There are many pranks to play with your friends or family, but phone pranks are considered harmless compared to pranks, moreover, pranks are rather old. You have to try something new, interesting and also free. Yes, I am talking about prank apps for Android which you can easily get from play store. All prank apps are awesome and add fun with friends and fun times in family gathering. These apps will perfect your sense of humor and allow you to learn new techniques for joking and enjoying life.

I’m sure you’ve cheated on your friends at some point in your life. You did it by tricking them with a broken screen, a fake call from mom, etc. Although these are the usual pranks we see, there are many unseen pranks that will help you pass the time and fool your friends. The easiest way is to use your phone and use apps that show ants on your screen and even fake WhatsApp chats. So without further ado, here are the best prank apps for Android that you can try right away!

1. Broken Screen Prank

Well, this is the best prank app and I am sure most of you probably have tried it to fool your friends and family. For those of you who don’t know, this app shows a broken screen. You have two ways to trigger the action, touch and shake. I prefer touch because it provides the first instinct when someone touches your phone. You can also choose between crack patterns that sound great when played with sound. It’s also easy to remove the overlay with a single tap on the notification panel.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

Get a broken screen prank for android

2. Hair Clipper Prank

This is one of those fake apps that I also fell victim to. It’s a very effective prank to use, all you need is a friend who likes his hair or beard (keep your defenses up, as they can get very violent). You can remove ads with a dollar. You have the trimmer on the UI which can be launched with a single click. It not only simulates the machine visually, but you can also choose between several high quality and best sounds, activate the vibrations and you are good to go.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

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3. Fake Call Plus

Fake Call Prank can provide a two-way solution, you can trick your friends in certain situations and also use it to escape from situations you don’t want to be in. Another double advantage of this application is that you can also create fake calls and fake SMS. To receive a call, all you have to do is enter the name, number and time you want to receive the incoming call. To take the prank to the next level, you can also add a custom sound that plays when the call is received, making the call sound legitimate. Finally, there is the SMS section which works with similar settings to the incoming call but also has a dedicated space for messages.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

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4. WhatsMock Prank Chat

You might have already guessed what the app does from its name. You can create WhatsApp chats, statuses and even fake calls using the app. The user interface of the application is not different from WhatsApp, so it will be very easy to use. The app has many features like creating fake profiles, fake chats and even fake group chats. If you want to trick your friends with a WhatsApp video call, there is an option to select a video which plays automatically when you tap on the video call icon.

The app has a very faint watermark at the top of the conversations to stop any abuse, but it’s barely noticeable. It also has ads, but you can upgrade to the pro version to remove them for $4.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

Get WhatsMock Prank Chat for Android

5. Destroy my car

If your friend or family member loves their car, well, it’s time to break their heart with a car prank. This app replaces the need for professional apps like Photoshop and gives you a much easier option for destroying your car. The app has a bunch of actual damage, like a bump, scratch, etc. You can change the color of these elements, change the contrast and modify the transparency. You can either take a photo with your camera or choose a photo from your gallery.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

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Bomb it up is an unusual app that tends to piss off your friends more than just joking with them. You can send dozens of SMS (spam) in one click and all you need is their mobile number. Unlike other apps where you have to send each message manually, or the other user gets it from your number, this app uses third-party companies, like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc., to deliver it. You can set the spam message limit (150) as well as the delay between each message. So the next time one of your friends is too focused on their work, use this app to piss them off.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

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7. Ants on screen

If one of your friends has a phobia of small insects and especially ants, this prank is sure to scare him. This app is similar to crack screen prank and it shows ants on your screen. Overlays on any app or home screen. At the level of the settings, you can choose the number of ants, that is to say from 1 to 300 and also regulate the speed of movement. The ants start scouring your screen as soon as you press the start button on the app. There is no touchscreen option which would have been a plus. You can stop the ants by clicking on the Ants option in the notification panel.

Best prank apps for Android (2021) - Android

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concluding remarks

These are some of the best prank apps you can try. My favorite is the Broken Screen Prank app which launches as soon as someone touches your phone. It’s great to fool your friends instantly and freak them out. Moreover, you can also try Ants on Screen, the triggers look very real and will definitely fool your friends. Finally, you should only use all these apps for entertainment purposes and do not hurt anyone.

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