Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021

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Quotes are some of the best in everyone’s life. It will help you be motivated and enjoy your work and the tasks you do. If you don’t have a collection of new and unique quotes for your day, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to list the best quote display apps that help you easily get daily unique and motivational quotes on your smartphone. These apps are very useful and provide you with quotes from top famous poets and writers. Some of these apps contain quotes in different categories like motivational, funny, etc. You can also choose them easily according to their categories.

We have all read quotes at some point in our lives. whether it was “Stay hungry! stay stupid..!For Apple co-author, the late Steve Jobs. Quotes not only motivate individuals, but can uplift an entire generation of thinkers. So if you’re feeling idle or just want some inspiration, here are the best quotes apps for your Android phone.

Best quote apps for Android

1. Best Quotes and Status

This app is for anyone looking for a large collection of quotes and yes, it works offline. The app comes with a minimal home screen, and the quotes are divided into categories like anger, birthday, love, and even relationship breakup (yes, there’s a whole category for that). By clicking on the categories, you get a list of quotes that you can directly save, copy or share as text or image for your next WhatsApp status.

By default, quotation marks are displayed in plain text. However, clicking on the quote gives you plenty of background options ranging from gradient to image and solid colors. You can also bookmark your favorite quotes by liking them which will in turn appear in the “Favorite Quotes. There is also a pro version with no ads and no photo watermark that costs $1. This app is great for basic use, however, I loved that there was a widget on the home screen that shows new quotes every day.

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Large collection of quotes.
  • Quotes are categorized.
  • Ability to change the background of the image.
  • It works in offline mode.

What’s not good?

  • Banner.
  • Full page video ads.
  • Watermark on saved photos.
  • No option to add widget on home screen.

Download Best Quotes and Status

2. Brilliant Quotes

Like the previous app, Brilliant Quotes not only has a huge selection of handpicked quotes, but it also supports the widget. For those who don’t know, the tool allows you to view quotes right on the home screen. So you don’t need to open the app every time to view or edit it. Additionally, you can also change the layout, appearance and content of the widget within the app itself. If you want multiple gadgets, you can easily save multiple profiles.

The application is divided into several sections. The most important of all it offers is the morning quotes section, which also contains random and trending quotes. In the second section, you can see similar quotes or you can just click and view relevant content as it is hashtag based unlike the previous section which was category based. The third section is for quotes images, it is not well formatted like the other sections and you don’t have the option to edit the quotes on the photos.

You can choose the type of quotes to display in the tool. But if you want specific quotes for each day of the week, there is no choice but to get the paid version which costs $1.7. Plus, you get daily notification of deleted quotes and listings.

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Customize the tool.
  • selective quotes.
  • Popular quotes section.

What’s not good?

  • There is no option to edit photos.
  • Banners below.
  • You must login to add your favorite quotes.
  • No support for offline use.

Download Brilliant Quotes

3. Motivation

Unlike most of you, I don’t just want to be excited in the morning and spend the rest of the day without any stimulation and this app is the perfect solution for that. Motivation lets you choose a time frame when a quote notification will be displayed. The app is simple and doesn’t have many options. You can choose the start and end time as well as the number of times a quote notification will be displayed up to a maximum of 30.

Moreover, it has a very simple user interface. You see the quote with black font and white background on your home screen. There is a section for themes as well as the ability to change the main app screen wallpaper. I like the app as a whole, although most categories like Thinking Positively, Focusing on Goals, and Coping with Grief are unlocked for premium users.

The app has a 7-day trial period, but it’s only activated once you’ve paid for your plan of choice, which doesn’t make sense. It costs $3.15 which gives you all categories, a full callback feature and also removes all ads. Oh, if you use your own quotes, you can add them to the list, but that’s only limited to plain text.

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Alert delay.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Ads can be viewed to access certain features.

What’s not good?

  • Most categories are paid.
  • There is no free trial option.

Download motivation

4. Quote Creator

We often share quotes written and made by others. But with Quote Creator, you can not only create your own quotes, but proudly share them with others. The UI isn’t the most attractive I’ve ever seen, and with an ad on the home screen, it only gets worse. It’s not just a maker app where you’ll find quotes separated by category and authors.

To create your own quotes, you can either choose a template from the online design section and modify it to your liking. You can also just start from scratch with a blank canvas, and there you have the option to customize the font, change the background, add borders, and more.

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Good ratings database.
  • Very customizable.
  • Many models.

What’s not good?

  • Ad banners on the home screen.
  • Unattractive user interface.

Download quote creator

5. Musixmatch

If you want to share part of the song you’re listening to, Musixmatch is the app you need. To create a word map, all you have to do is open the app and search for the words you want to add. Select words to add to your word map. You can then click on the icon the quote at the top. This gives you some customization options. For example, you can change the background of the image using the preloaded images or choosing an image from your gallery. There is also a Fonts section, here you can make the font small to large, as well as alignment options. You can also change the font style if you want.

There are additional details such as singer and song title along with watermark. But the sign is so subtle that it doesn’t bother me. So the next time you listen to a song and see yourself interacting with it. Just choose the words, add an image and share it on social media or your loved ones.

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Large database of words.
  • Personalize text and image.
  • Text can be dragged and moved.

What’s not good?

  • Watermark added by Musixmatch.
  • Not a quote app.

Download Musixmatch

6. Your quote

YourQuote is like Instagram Quotes. Where people share their quotes, which you can like, comment and even share. You must register before you start creating quotes. On the main screen, you are given two options when you sign up, you can either find writers to follow based on categories like Movies, Politics, Life, etc. You can scroll through these quotes as well as follow the profiles you want. It also somewhat mimics Instagram, where you can comment and save quotes.

Creating quotes is also quite simple. You start by writing the quote in plain text and you can add images, animations and filters to the text to make it attractive. You can also change the text size, add your name, and edit and upload multiple fonts. Finally, after publishing 48 articles, you can unlock the publishing function. With this, you can not only publish a book online, but you can also get long term wills. What are you doing now? Post quotes and make people appreciate what you write!

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Allows you to create quotes.
  • It was created as a social networking platform.
  • Study your channel’s stats.
  • Supports regional ratings.

What’s not good?

  • Not for non-writers.
  • Permanent watermark.

Download your quote

7. Wallpaper (Reddit)

Wallpaper As the name suggests, it grabs images from subreddits in Reddit and sets them as your phone’s wallpaper. The best part is that it allows you to choose subsets, so you can choose your favorite quotes, like r/quotes, r/stoicquotes and many more and set them as your wallpaper. In addition to that, you can also change the time automatically and add multiple sub-items for various options.

Another very useful feature is to mark the image as a favorite, which will make it repeat in the future. There are editing options, but I think they are less than minimal. You can control blur, saturation, change brightness and also choose whether the image will be at maximum resolution or compressed. The app isn’t free, but for what it offers, I suggest you buy the app for $1.

Best Quote Apps for Android in 2021 - Android

What’s good?

  • Automatically changes the wallpaper.
  • Multiple subgroups can be added.

What’s not good?

  • Only limited to Reddit.
  • He can’t always bring a quote but an image.

Download wallpaper

concluding remarks

Finally, these are a few apps that can motivate and inspire you, but hard work has no substitute. So instead of a long closing statement, I’ll leave you with what she said. Maria Sharapova veteran tennis player

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