Best sniper games on iOS and Android

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Shooting games consist of being on top of a building and spotting bad guys through a small hole one and a half miles away using a high caliber rifle and trying to eliminate them. Whether it’s the challenge of catching up on wasted bullets or the simple pleasure of watching a group of enemies panic as you take down hapless henchmen one by one, the best sniper games thrive in moments like these.

If you love playing shooting games on your phone, you might have tried many gun options already. In my opinion, since most of these games are not specially designed keeping in mind the love of sniper style that many of us have. You may want to take a look at many other games which have perfect sniper gameplay. So, let’s waste no time and check out the best sniper games on iOS and Android right now!

1. Johnny Trigger: Sharpshooter

This game is for you if you like to try mobile sniper games for beginners. There is no menu to navigate the game, so the game starts as soon as you open it. The controls are very basic, you can swipe to zoom and tap to shoot. The objective of the game is to shoot the thugs which can be one or more depending on the game level you are in. Additionally, you have some settings, where you can enable/disable kinesthetic, sound and music.

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app comes with ads that you can remove for $3.5/one time.

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2. 3D sniper

The objective of this game is to hunt down people who have caused damage to the public, such as massacres, criminal escapes, hostage rescues, etc. The game starts with a very intuitive tutorial, which makes it easy for someone playing a first-person shooter for the first time. As you level up and earn more rewards, you can upgrade your weapon, which varies in range, damage, stability, and improves your skills. The game features mission-like gameplay where the mission map for 21 cities is unlocked after completing the initial missions. For each kill you get the mission reward as well as the headshot reward points.

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

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3. Zombie hunter: sniper games

With the theme of a post-apocalyptic world, where the player is tasked with protecting the world, this game comes as a graphical and editing overhaul more than other games. The game is somewhat similar to the above game in its gameplay as you have basic controls, zoom function, multitasking maps and a common goal which is to kill the enemy. However, it adds more to the gameplay with its two-way weapon switch, time slowdown, and zombie detection radar mode. On top of that, there’s also the ability to unlock special missions to kill zombie bosses, use dogs to hunt for treasure and kill zombies, and you can even switch roles and play as a zombie.

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

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4. Sniper

If you are already a fan of the Hitman series, you will probably find this game interesting as well. Where to dive into the performances of the notorious assassin, Agent 47, and complete over 150 tactical missions in the country of Montenegro. The game is not just a normal shooting and shooting game, but you get secondary objectives, such as destroying your laptop, shooting security personnel and making it look like an accident. The game is also integrated with Facebook, so you can always check the leaderboard and challenge your friends.

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

The game is not free which is not a bad thing in my opinion as it costs $0.99 which is not that expensive when looking at the gameplay quality.

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5. Sniper Strike

If you’ve ever played Medal of Honor, consider this game its equivalent, only with snipers. The best thing about this game is the high quality user interface and graphics. While most games keep the player steady (that’s how snipers work). This game offers the combination of both. The player runs continuously (automatically) to discover and kill enemies. Because the action is automatic, you can focus on getting a headshot every time and enjoy slow-motion kills with a kill camera preview. The other basic features, such as zoom in/out functionality, weapon upgrades, etc. are the same. If you want crazy graphics games, don’t think twice and install them right away!

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

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6. LONEWOLF – A sniper story

This game is a new noir style crime drama game with amazing storytelling style and storyboard previews. The game is divided into chapters, for example, the first chapter is about a sniper who ends the search for people belonging to a criminal group called “The Assembly”. I found the game a bit tricky because first of all it is very well designed so the sniper action is very similar to the real action. Second, the game also has small parts and puzzles that make it difficult to complete the mission without failing once (you will understand while playing). The game has the best storytelling style you have seen so far and that is another reason you will stick with it until you complete the game.

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

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If you want more open world games and not just sniper rifles but other weapons and arsenals, there is nothing better than PUBG. Not only can you play it with other players online, but the amazing endless gameplay is also likely to keep you hooked until you win its games. Sniper rifles allow you to sit down and hit targets from a distance. Although it might be slow, it’s a great option because there are a lot of players in the game with different skills. You have different types of sniper rifles like Kar98, M24, Arctic Warfare Magnum etc. Besides that, you can swap weapons and reload ammo to keep your gun going. Check out the 10+ Best PUBG Mobile Style Games for Android and iOS (2020).

Best sniper games on iOS and Android - Android iOS

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concluding remarks

So these were the best sniper games on iOS and Android. If you ask me, I would highly recommend Lonewolf because not only does it have a great story, but the gameplay is also well-designed. Even the photography offers a very immersive style. You can also try Hitman if you’re willing to pay a few bucks. The game is not just a shooting and shooting experience, but you also need a bit of strategic planning. Finally, you already know PubG, it’s a bit like all the games in one!

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