Best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts

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Perfectly tailored clothing is loved by many – from basic self-customization to the most recognizable brands like Versace or Prada. Most of us would like to express our personality through all kinds of clothes that are worn. Each of us has probably thought about ordering a custom t-shirt with a unique image for everyone to notice.

Whether you are a YouTuber or not, getting a personalized t-shirt is an idea that has always been around. Where there is the designer’s logo on the top side of the t-shirt or just the name, custom printing gives you a unique product that no one else has had before. Even if you have a small team or a start-up, you shouldn’t hire a graphic designer for this. All you have to do is download an app or just use a website to quickly design and print your ideas. So let’s go, here are the best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts.

1. T-shirt design studio

T-Shirt Design is an app that doesn’t have a steep learning curve and hence it’s very easy to get started. The application contains two main sections, namely Ideas Anddesign. So if you don’t know what to look for, you can browse the Ideas section to check out some of our pre-made t-shirts, which are also available for download.

The next section is Design, where you can create, edit, and save your work. There are many tools you can use like brush and text tool. The size and shape of the brush can be adjusted, and you can also choose the color you want to use. Also, you can add text and change the font accordingly. Most of us like to add photos, and with this app, you can not only take photos to add, but also upload them from gallery.

Although the app does not contain intrusive ads, but if you want to get rid of the lower billboards and unlock more t-shirt styles, you can upgrade to the pro version for $2.

Best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Customizable brush and text tools.
  • Ability to add photos from the gallery.

What’s not good?

  • Images cannot be edited.
  • The T-Shirt Ideas section is limited.

Download T-Shirt Design Studio for Android and iOS

2. T-shirt design and printing

The previous app lets you design the t-shirt, but if you want to have it, it should be your choice. This app is similar in design capability to the first app, but with many additional options. For example, before creating a new design, you can choose the type which can range from a turtleneck to a hoodie. You then need to decide what sizes and colors are available before you can start designing. Like the previous app, you can change the color, add text, upload an image, but the additional options to add shapes and effects give this app the upper hand.

There is the Explore section, which shows all the popular designs. The app also has a section for the most popular and latest designs, in case you don’t want to create it yourself. While this integration is fine, you can’t actually edit these styles.

Best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Also supports printing.
  • Better user interface.
  • Gallery of popular designs.
  • Several size options.

What’s not good?

  • Popular designs cannot be changed.
  • Drawings cannot be saved as images.

Download t-shirt design and printing for android and ios

3. Super t-shirt designer

Imagine you have a social media account, where you can not only design the t-shirt in your own style, but also follow other designers. Yes, that is what sets this app apart. The app cannot be used without registering and once you do, you will notice an Instagram-style user interface. The home screen is also split. You have the feeds where you can see what other people are creating. If you like what someone has designed, you can like, share and comment on it. However, the ability to modify these designs is still missing.

Similar to other apps, you can change color, add text and images. The sticker section, in my opinion, contains designs that you will actually use. Another feature (closer to the one provided by Instagram) are filters, however, they can only be applied to stickers. There’s a VIP membership for as little as $3.5 per month, which gives you cloud storage and access to new templates every month.

Best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • The user interface is similar to social media sites.
  • Usable stickers.
  • Online storage.

What’s not good?

  • It cannot be used offline.
  • There are no free template options.

Download Super T-Shirt Designer for iOS

4. Canvas

It is a very popular graphic design app which is available on all major platforms including iOS and Android. Guess what? It also lets you design t-shirts. There is a templates section but the designs are very similar and limited. What is not limited are tools and mutability. It has a dedicated text section with multiple font options, and if you have a pro version, you can upload your own too. Another thing about Canva is that you won’t run out of options if you get creative. You can add backgrounds and images and take advantage of the whole Elements section (also the Stickers section) which has a lot more options than any app.

Although you can export the file in PNG format, having a transparent background is again a feature of the pro version. It costs $12.95 per month and also gives you millions of pre-made fonts, images and graphics.

Observation: Don’t choose a preset as you will need a large size fabric to start with so the images don’t get bigger and ruin their quality.

Best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • Several tools.
  • It works on all platforms.

What’s not good?

  • A transparent background can only be achieved in the pro version.

Download Canva for Android and iOS

5. Illustrator

If you’re serious about designing t-shirts, Adobe Illustrator is an application that lets you turn any idea in your head onto the canvas. The reason so many professionals use Illustrator is that it works with radial graphics, unlike Photoshop. Therefore, when you create a design, you are not limited by its size. With radial graphics, you can scale your design infinitely without losing quality. If you don’t have Illustrator, you can use Photoshop which is also capable of designing but works on pixels. If you don’t have either, I suggest using Photopea, which is a free option similar to Photoshop.

So if you really want to learn how to make custom t-shirts, but also want to grow your business and add more products to the collection. Adobe Illustrator will not disappoint. yours Quick advice , you can download t-shirt templates and use them with Photoshop or Illustrator. Remember, you can get Adobe Illustrator for $20 a month, or if you need other apps, get a full Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts - Android iOS

What’s good?

  • The application is used by professionals.
  • Other products can also be designed.

What’s not good?

  • Uncreated images cannot be resized.
  • Not a beginner friendly app.

Download Illustrator for Android and iOS

concluding remarks

Each of the apps gives you the ability to design and create your own t-shirts. You can choose T-Shirt Design Studio if you just want to play with the basics. If you are looking to create and design a t-shirt, Design and Print would be a better choice. Personally, I think the all-in-one solution is Canva. It’s available on all major platforms and has so many design tools that you won’t need anything else. This was a list of the best t-shirt design apps to create your own custom t-shirts. But if you want to suggest something unique. Comments below.

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