Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers used by millions of people all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you have a slow internet connection or limited bandwidth, Firefox can suit in any case with the best quality. The latest Firefox updates have made this browser even better. If you use Firefox on your Android phone, check out these Firefox for Android tips and tricks to browse like a pro.

After a year of beta, Mozilla has finally updated its old Firefox browser for Android. The update went from version 68 to version 79. Besides the cosmetic fix, there are many other features that allow you to create and share tab groups with Chrome, use different search engines in private mode, yet extensions are not supported. That said, here are the best Firefox on Android tips and tricks.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android

1. Top toolbar

Firefox finally gives you the option to change the position of the toolbar. For example, if you have a large smartphone like the Galaxy Note 10, it makes sense to have the address bar at the bottom, but for a smaller device like the Pixel 3, it’s unusual.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

To move the address bar to the top, go to the Settings menu and tap on the Customize option. In the Personalization menu, you will have the choice Move toolbar up.

2. Quickly Open a New Tab or Private Tab

The usual way to open a new tab for Firefox is a bit boring. First, you need to click on the tab number and then click on the “+on the tab overview page. But here’s a quick way. Press and hold the tab number and you will be given the option to open “new tabWhere “New private tab. Besides that, there is also an option to close the currently active tab.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

3. Quickly switch to private mode

The new Firefox browser has made opening private mode faster. To switch to private mode, press the “Icon”eye maskIn the upper right corner. You can easily switch between normal and private mode by clicking on the icon eye mask it is.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

4. Built-in ad blocking

Firefox introduced a feature “Enhanced Tracking ProtectionIn the new version. Which blocks third party trackers, ads and pop-ups. However, the default is “StandardWhich means only bots will be blocked. If you upgrade to “Enhanced Tracking Protection”strictIt blocks more trackers, ads and pop-ups. To change the Enhanced Tracking Protection mode, go to Settings -> Enhanced Tracking Protection. In the Enhanced Tracking Protection menu, tap “strict.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

Note that Enhanced Strict Tracking Protection may cause certain website features to be disabled.

5. Add exceptions

You can add certain websites to your Enhanced Tracking Protection exceptions. This ensures that you see advertisements from your favorite website or content creator in order to support it. To do this, when you open a website, click on the “Shield“Down and uncheck the toggle next to”Enhanced Tracking Protection. This will add the website to the exceptions list and may load ads and bots.

6. Temporarily change search engines

I’ve used the Brave browser a lot on Android and one of my favorite options is the ability to set separate search engines for normal and private mode. There is no equivalent solution on Firefox, but there is a quick trick. When you click on the search menu to type, there is an option at the bottom called “abbreviations. Shortcuts give you the option to select a different search engine than the default for this query only.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

This way I use DuckDuckGo search engine in private mode without changing my default search engine.

7. Sync open tabs

The new Firefox browser on Android offers the ability to sync open tabs with the Firefox desktop browser as long as you’re signed in on both devices. However, if you’re feeling lazy, the new Firefox for Android offers an option to scan a QR code and sign in to your devices.

All you have to do is visit” the device you are logged in to. In this case, let’s say it’s the desktop. The webpage will show you a barcode which can be scanned through the phone’s Firefox browser.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

To scan through the Firefox mobile app, just tap “SettingsIn the More menu. would be the first choice.Activate synchronization, Click on it. After that, you will see a button “Scan readyAlso click on it and a pop-up window will appear to scan the QR code. Once you scan the QR code, you will be asked for permission on the device you are logged in to. After approval, you will be logged in and synchronized with the Firefox mobile browser.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

Once sync is enabled, you can find open tabs on phone and desktop browser under “Synchronized tabs.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

8. Share Tabs with Chrome

If you use the Firefox desktop browser, you may have already noticed the “Send tab to device. The same option is not available on Firefox for Android. However, there is an option that lets you share all your open tabs at once. But I usually use this option to share my open tabs with Chrome.

You will need to install the Chrome browser on Android, sign in, and enable syncing.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

To do this, press the tab number. After that, click on the icon After and select “Share tabs. On the sharing page, you will have the option “Send text to your devices. This will share the tabs URL as text with the Chrome desktop browser.

9. Open Private Links

We all receive links while chatting with our friends that we don’t want to leave any traces in our browsing history. Thus, Firefox offers you the possibility to open links from other applications in private mode. To do this, go to Firefox settings in Privacy and Security Press on “private navigation. Next, enable the toggle next to “Open links in a private tab.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

10. Allow screenshots

By default, browsers do not allow you to take screenshots in private mode for privacy reasons. But, sometimes you need to take a screenshot while searching for medicine or treatment. Firefox offers an in-depth option in the settings to enable private mode screenshots. in the list private navigation enable the toggle next to “Allow screenshots in private browsing.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

11. Play video in background

The new version of Firefox may disable background video playback for some websites. For example, Youtube. This is due to Firefox’s Page Visibility API. The website may not play the video if it is not full screen or in the foreground. One solution is to open web pages as “office website.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

12. Add-ons

Firefox still does not offer the possibility of using extensions in the phone’s browser. However, it does provide some useful extras. For example, the “Dark Reader” extension enforces dark mode on every website. You can find these add-ons under the “Tab” tabadditional jobs.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

13. Stop data collection

As a privacy-respecting company, Mozilla offers you the option to opt-out of data collection. You’ll find the Data Collection option in the Settings menu under Privacy and Security in Firefox. In the data collection menu, you have 3 different toggles: usage, technical data, marketing data and experiments. Once these three switches are disabled, Firefox will no longer collect your usage data or analyze your data.

14. Automatic deletion of browsing data

Firefox also gives you the option to clear your browsing data once you exit the browser. The option is very simple and comes in handy if you share your device with several people or children. The browser will automatically clear your browsing history, log you out of websites, and close open tabs.

15. Firefox Locked

Firefox Lockwise is a separate Android app. It is a password manager that works well with the Firefox browser and is integrated with the Firefox desktop browser. If you’re using Firefox desktop, all of your saved logins and passwords will be synced to the Firefox Lockwise app. This way you have all your credentials in one place and they can be easily entered into other apps.

Best tips and tricks for Firefox on Android - Android

closing words

These are great tips and tricks for Firefox on Android. In case you’re confused between the different versions of the Firefox browser, here’s a breakdown of all the Firefox browsers on Android and which one is right for you.

For more issues or questions, let me know in the comments below.

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