Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android

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Apps are a great invention. It allows us to carry everything we need with us in our pocket and use it on demand – wherever we are.

After doing some research, I found out that there are some great apps that can be used for voice training. Whether you want to warm up, record your voice or train your ears. There are apps for just about every need.

What I want to learn from doing reviews of these singing apps (or voice training apps) is:

  • Is it really possible to learn to sing with the app?
  • Does the app provide a good vocal warm-up?
  • Is it a good introduction to the art of singing?

When I learned to sing over 15 years ago, there were no instruments on the internet. But I am curious about the online teaching tools available today such as online singing lessons and online lessons. How do applications match user needs across this spectrum? Can I recommend it to my students?

Perfection does not exist. The singer will know this, because singing takes constant practice every day to perfectly deliver the next song on stage (or in the venue). However, you need a tool to practice, and if you’re a beginner, something like a piano or a Tanpura will help you while you’re at that stage. However, not everyone has access to musical instruments in their home. Well, I say you don’t need a musical instrument anymore. Here are the best voice training and singing apps that help you sing without any instrument.

Best Vocal and Singing Training Apps

1. Vocalizzo Lite

There are many musical genres, but they have a common understanding. A vocal warm-up is essential during daily practice. So, having a warm-up app at the top of the list makes sense. Vocalizzo Lite contains a rich set of these exercises which include the triple scale, the grand collision and the pentagonal scale. Besides, you can also modify your throat with certain details such as lip matching, throat relaxation and vocal warm-up expansion. There is also an option to create groups. This lets you choose your favorite warm-up or options you find hard to reach quickly.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

If you want simple piano exercises without any instructor, you can also try this speech level singing exercises app.

The app is essentially free with additional warm-up lessons costing a flat fee of $6. It is definitely worth it if you decide to practice chanting every day. Unfortunately, the app is only available on Android, but you can check out a similar alternative called 7 Minute Vocal Warmup for iOS.

general opinion

  • Lots of warm-up exercises.
  • Real-time visualization with tempo control.
  • Day and dark mode.

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2. Vocal training

Voice Training brings together all the features that range from beginner to professional. The user interface looks a bit traditional but improves with a few days of use. My favorite feature is the interactive piano interface. Where the notes appear to you like a real piano. The middle display shows the notes you hit so you can improve as you get out of rhythm. The reason why this is a great app is that it has many additional features such as vocal range exercises, phrase game, field challenge, interval test, etc. If you want to play freestyle, you also have the option of singing freestyle.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app shows video ads on exit which was not a big deal while using the app. However, if you still want to remove them completely, you can purchase the app for $5.

general opinion

  • Basic but super functional user interface.
  • Lots of audio lessons.
  • Free singing option.

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3. Yousician – Music Education App

If you love music, you must have heard of Yousician by now. If you haven’t already, this is an essential music education app with interactive how-to videos. You can start with the basics if you’re completely new, or start straight with vocal exercises if you already know how to sing. The lessons start first with an outline that you can follow. You can change courses based on your audio file and change the volume of guided sounds. It gives you full control by letting you record these lessons with your own voice. It’s a great way to review your lessons and improve.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Due to the current lockdown, the developer has extended the trial period from 7 days to 30 days. The full access plan costs $7.5/month, which gives you access to more lessons and exercises.

general opinion

  • Guided interactive training.
  • Beginner level lessons and songs.
  • Learn to play other musical instruments like guitar, ukulele, etc.

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4. Riyaz

Hindustani classical music and Carnatian music are very popular around the world. It takes a different approach than western music and the other apps on this list will only help you up to a point. Riyaz is an application that fills this void. It has many lessons for beginners and offers many options like practicing Alankar, Sargam, Paltas, etc. You will also find more than 20 trumpets with multiple variations. Plus, you can monitor your singing with real-time visual feedback and Tanpura support.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app has a session limit of 10 minutes which can be extended by subscription. It also costs $2.5/month with other annual plans. It also gives you the opportunity to get peer reviews and instruction.

general opinion

  • Hindustani music lessons and Carnatic singing.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Smart support for Tanpura.

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5. Vanido: Learn to sing

Most people can be busy doing daily chores or working from home. Anyway, I would suggest taking it slowly, maybe a few minutes each day. Vanido takes care of that, offering only three vocal exercises per day. You don’t have to worry about stopping listening either. The app gives you real-time visual feedback while you sing and trains your ear. Finally, you can check your vocal range, allowing you to get personalized lessons based on your performance. This way you won’t strain your throat.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The free version of Vanido is limited to 3 exercises per day. However, if you think you can do more, you can upgrade for $39.99 per year.

general opinion

  • Real-time feedback.
  • Only available on iOS.

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6. Singscope

Compared to previous apps, Singscope also provides you with instant charts, warm-up exercises, tempo changes, moves, and more. But what sets it apart is the use of musical notes with letters for vocal exercises. You can convert your music into MusicXML notes and practice singing as you go. You can also play the notes in the app on the virtual piano. There is also an option to sing along with the notes being played.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

You can use free apps like Musescore to create musical notes with letters and XML files

Simply, if you know how to create and use music notes with letter app. This application is perfectly suited for all your vocal exercises.

general opinion

  • Graph of your performance in real time.
  • Warm-up exercises with audio recording.
  • Support for musical notes with letters via XML files.

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7. Vocaberry

Vocaberry is an application that allows you to sing your favorite songs. These songs are divided into a playlist like: very easy , Very difficult , etc. However, that’s not the best part. The best part is that it automatically detects your vocal range. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of songs ranging from very easy to very difficult. In addition, it is easy to trace the path of your voice because it displays the notes on the screen with your voice (represented by a yellow line).

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

The app has an ad-free version that will cost you $3.5 per year. In addition to this, you can also get a 3 month promo code by sharing the app on Instagram.

general opinion

  • Interactive singing lessons.
  • Multiple singing lessons.

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8. Smule

Smule combines the fun of singing karaoke with social media. Now you can not only sing alone, but also duet with anyone in the world. You can follow people, listen to their recordings, and share your recordings. The best thing is that you can find almost any song in the app. They range from “Memories of Maroon 5” to “May Sheyar to Nahin”. You have many performance options, such as singing solo, starting a duet so others can join you, joining someone’s recording, and even group recording. If you are someone who doesn’t sing well, you can add auto tune, reverb, and use video effects with your song.

Best Voice Training and Singing Apps for iOS and Android - Android iOS

Currently, you can only join other people in songs. If you want features like solo singing, a group singing session, and advanced filters, you can sign up for the VIP plan at $9.99 per month. This also removes in-app ads.

general opinion

  • Over 10 million songs.
  • Soften your voice with Auto Tuning.
  • Supports solo and group duet singing.

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concluding remarks

Depending on whether you want to train hard or just improve your singing of your favorite songs. Voice Training and Smule are apps targeting each of these aspirations. Personally, I started using Riyaz because I love Indian classics the most. Another tip is to use apps like Perfect Ear to help improve your note identification skills as well. So, these were the best voice training and singing apps for iOS and Android. If you have any additional suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

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