Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail

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We’re such a happy bunch of snaps these days that we collectively share over 2 billion photos every day on Facebook alone. But there are photos and videos that you may not want to share and you don’t want to delete them. Maybe you prefer to keep your kids’ photos private and don’t want anyone to see your dance video, or have some weird photos. We are not here to judge, but we advise you to take a few precautions to protect your privacy. Here’s how to hide photos on your Android device.

Although there are several ways to hide specific photos and videos in the gallery, we hardly think from a hacker’s point of view. For example, you can use a third-party app to lock your gallery, but an intruder can always download another gallery app from the Play Store. They can also go to to see all of your photos. So here are some of the best ways to hide photos and other weaknesses you face.

How to Hide Photos on Your Android Phone

Unfortunately, there is no built-in secure feature to hide photos on your Android phone or tablet. However, many Android device manufacturers offer built-in privacy features that help you easily hide photos and other files. You can also use the archive feature in Google Photos.

How to Archive Photos in Google Photos

Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail - Android

If you’re using Google Photos on your Android phone, you can always use the Archive feature to hide photos you don’t want people accidentally finding in the main feed. It’s important to note that these photos will still be available in Archives, Albums, and Search results. Here’s how to archive snapshots:

  • Find the photos you want to archive and long press them, then select each photo you want to hide.
  • Click on burger menu at the top right and choose Move to Archive from the drop-down menu.
  • If you are finished, press it was completed.

Since this doesn’t completely and safely hide your photos, we’ll look at a few alternative methods. You can still access these images by clicking on burger menu (three vertical lines) at the top left then click on “archives. To put them back in the main photo stream, press and hold to select them, then press Three vertical lines at the top right and select Unarchive.

Built-in Secure Folder

Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail - Android

How to use:

Unfortunately, Stock Android doesn’t have a built-in way to hide photos. However, if you are using another Android device, such as Samsung, you can do this by moving the photo to a private space that can only be accessed with a password or biometric security. To do this, select an image you want to hide and choose Move to Secure Folder from the options.

Where does this method fail?

As I mentioned earlier, this option is not available on all Android phones like Pixel and Oneplus. Also, even if you have a modded version of Android that has this feature, you still have to go through each image in your gallery to hide it. It would be much better if you could hide albums or photos at a time (Samsung is an exception).

Gallery app lock

Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail - Android

How to use:

You can simply lock the gallery app. So whenever you give the phone to someone and if they try to view your photos, they will be disappointed when the lock screen appears. I used the App Lock feature on my Realme phone a lot. On phones like Samsung and Pixel that don’t have this feature, you can use a good third-party app like Norton App Lock. Just download and run the app. You will be asked to choose a password and a recovery email in case you forget your password. Then choose the apps you want to lock from the app home screen and you’ve eliminated the headache that comes with anyone touching your phone.

Where does this method fail?

If you close the Gallery app, it won’t allow anyone to access your photos. But if the hacker is smart enough then it will be essential to download another gallery app from the play store. This app will always show all your photos and locking a gallery app will be of no use. You may suggest locking down the Play Store, but remember that sideloading APK files is also an option. Second, all the photos in the Photos app can be viewed using the Google Photos web app on the browser. For someone who regularly accesses your phone, this is a goldmine.

Instead of hiding private photos, you can encrypt them, which provides more privacy. Other alternative gallery apps or even file explorer apps will not be able to access it.

Gallery Chest

Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail - Android

How to use:

Gallery Vault is a simple app that lets you encrypt your photos with a password. The best part is that the app icon is disguised as a calculator app, so it won’t look suspicious. You can either manually add the photos you want to hide or send them directly from the gallery to the app. It also lets you take encrypted photos and videos automatically. It’s a free app, but if you want to remove ads and improve features like fake passwords when unlocking, you can also take photos if someone tries to break in. You can get the pro version for $15.

This is a very popular and easy to use photo hider app on Android. It’s like a safe. You can choose which photos and videos to add to it, and you can only access them using your PIN, password or fingerprint. The app encrypts your files, but keeps them on the device – no online backup. It also supports Micro SD cards, includes a fake password option that takes you to the photo vault, and a hidden icon to hide the app.

Where does this method fail?

Most of the images that users might want to hide are often sensitive and it is practically impossible to go through and filter them all. Even if you do, you will manually miss some important shots. Therefore, an AI-based app that can auto-hide photos would be a much better option. You can save time and energy if the app does it for you automatically. this is what you want?

Download Gallery Vault


Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail - Android

How to use:

If all you’re looking for is to hide the photos you send and receive via private chats, consider switching to Telegram. The reason I recommend Telegram over other options like WhatsApp is that it offers more privacy and makes those images encrypted. You can even prevent a screenshot from being taken. If you’re paranoid and want more control, you can also set the self-destruct timer. Therefore, each photo you send will have no effect after it expires.

Where does this method fail?

Of course, this will not work with gallery images. So if you want to hide a photo that is not in our Telegram chat. You should rely on all the other options we have mentioned.

What is the solution?

Using Telegram with built-in methods or locker apps is the most you can do to protect yourself. This way you won’t be disturbed by private photos shared in the chat and you won’t have any problem hiding photos from the gallery app.


Best Ways to Hide Photos on Android and Where Can They Fail - Android

Here’s a great free photo hiding app on Android with some optional extras available as in-app purchases. You can put photos or videos in your secure vault and they can only be accessed by entering your PIN or password. An optional built-in automatic online backup function encrypts your photos and uploads them to the cloud. You can also set up multiple secure vaults for different photos and videos, all with different passwords so you can access them all. Vaulty has a Mug shot feature, which takes a picture of anyone trying to gain access without permission.

Download Vaulty

Is there a surefire way to hide your photos?

Well, technically there isn’t. If you have a private space and a built-in locker app, the suit will give you the necessary protection and can effectively hide your private photos. Installing Vault and Lock apps can work, but with some shortcomings, but it’s hard to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. Finally, I think Telegram is one of those crossover devices that offers a lot more security than all the other apps put together.

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