Comparison of Android backup and Google One backup: which one to choose?

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By default, your Android smartphone automatically takes a daily backup of your device, which includes Android settings, Wi-Fi details, contacts, apps, photos, passwords, display preferences, etc. This way, when you get a new phone, you can easily restore the old phone’s backup by logging into the same Google account.

However, Google recently made its premium Google One backup service available to regular Google users. So, the question is “How is this different from the original Android backup”. Well, let me clarify.

Comparison between Android Backup and Google One Backup

1. Adjustment

The main difference between Google One and Android backups is how you configure the backup. Android backup is integrated into Android settings and is enabled by default. Your Android device is backed up daily. Android backup details can be found under System Settings -> Backup.

On the other hand, Google One is a separate app that you need to download from the Google Play Store (coming soon to iOS). Compared to Android backup, Google One backup is not automatic. So whenever you want to backup your Android device, you will have to press the “Back up now.

If you are a GSuite user, Google One will not work for you.

Comparison of Android backup and Google One backup: which one to choose?  -Android

2. Backup content

So if Android Backup and Google One support Android devices, what is the difference. Well, here are the places where things get interesting. The difference is not great. Google One can also back up photos, videos, and audio files from an MMS message. In case you don’t use MMS or even SMS, don’t worry. There won’t be much difference.

Android Backup

Application Data

Application Data

Backup content

call log

call log








Photos and videos

That said, a few Reddit users have reported that Google One seems to back up additional “app data.” Some users have also reported that apps like PocketCasts are able to recover data from Google One backup.

3. Additional Features

Google One provides you with a unified platform for an overview of your Google Account storage space. Once the app is open, the 15GB of free storage is split between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. If you scroll down you will get the name and timestamp of the device backup.

Additionally, Google One has a web app. It shows similar options, but as of this writing, you can’t see your Android device’s backup.

Comparison between Android backup and Google One backup: which one to choose?  -Android


  • Google One does not automatically back up your Android device.
  • Google One can also back up MMS messages.
  • The Google One app provides an analysis of your Google account storage space.

closing words

After hours of scratching my head and reading all over the web, making Google One free for all Android users doesn’t seem to catch my eye. The only thing it can be useful for is to bypass OEM provided options. It seems that Samsung phones have their own cloud storage solution called Samsung Cloud, Xiaomi has Mi Cloud, etc. All this confuses ordinary users who switch from one device to another. With Google One, backup passes settings to a built-in app called Google One.

So, let’s say if you are switching from a Samsung device to a Pixel or Xiaomi device, Google One is the right choice to create the backups. Another scenario is the switch from iPhone to Android.

For more issues or questions, let me know in the comments below.

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