How many guests can you have at the house party?

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Online home parties are all the rage right now, and the trend isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Apps like Zoom let you party with a few of your friends under one video messaging dashboard. And Facebook’s Messenger is pretty much the same.

But why settle for regular business email apps when there’s a special app for parities?

The only potential restriction: how many people can you invite? Of course, this article is here to answer that question for you. We give you a hint, the number is very limited.

Get started with Houseparty

To get started, you need to download and install the app, then register. This article assumes you have completed the steps listed.

Otherwise, there is not much for them. Just follow the on-screen wizard and create a unique username. Keep in mind that the Houseparty app has been around for a while now and all cool usernames are probably taken.

The key step is to sync the app with your contacts. Be sure to allow access to contacts on your phone. You can also link some social networks like Snapchat and Facebook.

Important note:

Some users reportedly struggled to sync all contacts to the Houseparty app. The quick fix is ​​to update the app and try again or restart your smartphone.

If that doesn’t help, syncing social media contacts should work fine. And it’s worth noting that the bug seems to be isolated to Android devices.

Ready to put on your dancing shoes?

Once all the syncing is done, it’s time to get the party started. The main Houseparty app window automatically triggers your selfie camera. And the good thing is that all the preparations for the party take place from the same window.

To start inviting guests to your party, tap the large plus icon in the top right of the main window.

bring friends here

The “Bring Friends Here” menu is well presented and intuitive. The “Your friends” window lists all synced contacts and there is also a search bar. If you want to add someone outside of your Houseparty app, use “Add New Friends” or “Invite New Friends”.

But the million dollar question is how many guests can you have?

The answer is eight. So if you are planning a bigger event, it would be better to use another app. But then, eight people are more than enough to have a great time in the online environment.

How to grab attendees’ attention

There is a “wave” button/icon next to each contact’s name. Press the button to send a notification to users, letting them know there’s a party in the neighborhood.

If you want to video call the person at that time, just tap the receiver icon.

House Party app How many guests you have

Similar to the invitation menu, Houseparty’s contacts/friends window is comprehensive and well laid out. What’s more, the app even gives you suggestions from “people you may know”.

And when you greet a user, the profile listing moves to the top of the page. Additionally, there is a status indicator. For example, you will see an orange circle if a user is “Around”.

House Party app Many guests can you have

If you want to preview the notifications you’ve received, swipe left or right from the contacts menu. Houseparty allows private video messaging. You can pre-record it and send it to the eight participants you want to invite. In the app, these are called Facemail.

House Party app guests can you have

Things to consider

If a group has less than eight participants, you can lock the group chat by tapping the padlock icon. This action prevents other users from crashing your group.

On the other hand, if you want to join a party that is already in full swing, just tap on the “House Parties” in progress. If you are unable to join, the chat is already full or it is locked.

During the call, you can switch between cameras or completely turn off the camera and the microphone. And when things get boring, pressing the X lets you part ways in an instant.

The good thing is that Houseparty works on your smartphone and there is a desktop app with the same features and functions.

Security concerns

Right off the bat, Houseparty is safe to use. But some organizations suggest using the padlock option to discourage strangers from getting started.

When it comes to other security and privacy issues, there’s nothing to worry about with Houseparty. The app’s cybersecurity protocols and policies are neck and neck with other similar apps.

In other words, there’s nothing sleazy about Houseparty, and the app requires permissions that minimize the chances of abuse.

Eat, sleep, party, repeat

Ten is a really nice round number for an online party, but you’d have to settle for eight on this app. And you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this is another security limitation that keeps bullies away from your online party venue.

How often do you host parties using this app? Do you play games available on Houseparty? Tell us more about your preferences in the comments section below.

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