How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome

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Chrome is the world famous Google main browser, and while the Android version might not seem as powerful as the full desktop version, it actually has a lot of hidden features, either hidden by experimental features or just not explained by Google. Some of them can speed up switching between tabs, improve your browsing experience on unstable internet connections, or remove unnecessary functions.

Chrome on Android has a feature called “Simplified viewwhich appears whenever you visit a web page that supports it. Once activated, it displays the webpage in a cleaner format that removes cluttered menus and annoying ads, but for the most part, it’s just another distraction that we have to close every time.

Fortunately, Chrome has a hidden setting in Chrome Flags to disable them. The best part is that you can set it to show only when the page is not mobile friendly so that you can enjoy the feature without being distracted every time.

How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome - Android

Disable Show Lightbox popup on Chrome

To disable the pop-up window”Show simplified viewWe will use Chrome Flags.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Chrome flags are experimental Chrome features that are still in development and have not been released in the stable release. It can succeed or fail, but more often than not you’ll improve your browsing experience by pushing the boundaries.

You can access the Flags feature by typing the following URL in the address bar of the Chrome browser.


How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome - Android

You will see a long list of options, each with a drop-down list that can be set to “VirtualWhere “MaybeWhere “broken. There are a lot of them, so the best way to find the features you want to customize is with Search bar below the address bar.

Look for the option called “.Drive Mode Triggerin the search bar. Or you can open the link directly below to access the exact tag. This flag is only available in Chrome on Android and you cannot customize it from your desktop or iOS devices.


How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome - Android

You can see the option is set to “Mode”.Default. By clicking on this default option, you can see a pop-up window with several options.

How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome - Android

To disable the lightbox feature preventing it from appearing completely, simply change the default option to “Never‘, until the feature stops appearing altogether.

How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome - Android

But if you want to use the feature on web pages that are not optimized to work on mobile phones. You can set it to “Non-mobile-friendly itemsSo that the pop-up window only appears when needed. For testing, the Chrome browser is very good at finding web pages that are not mobile optimized and gives you quick and easy functionality.

After selecting the feature option, you will be prompted to restart your browser to activate it, this will close and reopen Chrome to add the changes to the browser.

How to Disable Show Lightbox Popup on Chrome - Android

You will no longer get the pop-up that says “Show simplified viewOn every webpage more.


Although there are a few other options like “All items” And “With structured article markupHowever, it doesn’t make sense because it just appears on every article or webpage that contains the article outline markup, which is actually the default. So how does this trick work for you? If you run into any issues, let us know in the comments below.

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