How to Fix Instagram Stories Downloading Out of Order

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There’s nothing worse than your Instagram stories being posted out of order. Especially when you know you did everything right.

In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem in the future. This way, the quality content you created will be displayed in the desired order.

Why does this happen?

There are a lot of things on Instagram that we still don’t know. Let’s take the algorithm as an example. There are many theories about how it works, but no one can say for sure. Instagram likes to keep its little secrets, and, for now, we can only guess.

As for your stories, there is no official explanation as to why this might be happening. However, most users have noted that this happens when trying to download multiple stories at the same time. Add a poor internet connection into the mix, and your stories start downloading out of order, and they don’t make sense.

Do not despair. We have a few solutions that can help you.

instagram stories are uploaded out of order

What to do?

The simplest, but most effective solution would be to upload one story at a time. You don’t need to take long pauses between stories – a few seconds should be enough. Before uploading another story, just make sure the first one is already published.

We know this can seem like a tedious process, especially if you want to post a lot of stories. However, it’s the surest way to make sure everything looks the way you intended.

What about videos?

Many users complain that this happens when they try to upload a video to their Instagram stories. As you know, individual stories cannot be longer than fifteen seconds. And you can’t say much in just fifteen seconds, so your videos are probably a bit longer.

Instagram cuts longer videos into fragments and then uploads them one by one. Usually there should be no confusion in the order of the stories. However, if the internet connection is weak, some segments may take longer to download than others.

In this scenario, Instagram sometimes automatically downloads the uploaded videos, without waiting for the rest to download. Therefore, you may have mixed up hard-to-watch videos because they are out of sequence.

When it comes to videos, we recommend using one of the apps that can cut your video into shorter segments. You can then upload each section as a new story, so Instagram can’t mess up the order.

Try the Cut Story app

There are many apps that can help you edit and cut videos for your stories. We chose Cut Story for several reasons: it’s easy to use, has lots of options, and it’s free.

All you have to do is upload your video to the app, and it will cut it into smaller fragments. This app was designed for Instagram users; therefore, it will automatically cut your video into 15-second snippets. If you want them shorter or longer, you can enter any length in the app settings.

It doesn’t matter how long your video is, or its quality. The app is compatible with videos of all sizes and your video quality will not be compromised.

Although the name of the app clearly indicates why it was made, that’s not all. You can use this app to edit your videos, add music or text. Like we said, it’s one of the simplest video editing apps out there, but the results are fantastic.

Once done, you can post videos to your Instagram right from the Cut Story app. We promise it will download the stories in the correct order! However, if you don’t want to connect this app to your Instagram account, don’t worry. All you have to do is save the videos to your phone gallery and upload them one by one to Instagram Stories.

instagram stories are uploaded out of order - how to fix it

How do I make my story appear first?

If you want to make sure your story appears first when your followers access your account, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Post stories regularly – Instagram’s algorithm recognizes people who post often, and it’s likely to show your stories to more people.
  2. Create interactive stories – The algorithm also knows how much time other users are spending on your stories. The more time they spend watching your stories, the more Instagram will show them your content. The way to increase time is to make your stories interactive: polls, quizzes, questions – anything that actively engages people.

Of course, there’s no universal recipe for being first on Instagram, but these tactics have helped many users, and we hope they’ll help you too.

Fix it, Instagram!

Like any other application, Instagram is not perfect. Sometimes it has bugs that we can’t explain. And while waiting for Instagram to fix all the problems, it’s worth trying the tactics mentioned above.

Do you know any other tips and tricks to fix Instagram stories? Let us know in the comments section below.

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