How to Free Up Space on Android by Moving Netflix Content to SD Card

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The ability to download movies and TV shows and watch them offline is one of the best features the popular streaming service Netflix has to offer. This makes it much easier to use the service when traveling where you don’t have internet access.

However, phones have limited internal storage, which you need to install apps, store photos, and everything else. Luckily, the Netflix app lets you download content to an SD card, which helps you save storage space on Android.

In this article, we will show you how to save Netflix downloads to an SD card and explain where to find Netflix downloads on your Android phone.

How to Save Netflix Downloads to an SD Card

There’s a simple three-step process to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your microSD card:

  • Open the Netflix app and go to More -> App Settings.
  • Scroll down to Downloads section and tap “Where to download.
  • Select the SD card from the list.

How to free up space on Android by moving Netflix content to SD card - Android

And that’s all. The app shows you how much space is available on your card and how much space is used by Netflix content.

All future content will now be downloaded to your microSD card. You should keep in mind that anything you have already downloaded will remain on your phone’s internal storage. If you want to transfer it to your card, you have to re-download it.

To watch your downloaded movies and TV shows, exit the Settings screen and tap the Downloads button at the bottom. All your content is here, with shows and other collections grouped together in a simple way. Push the button “Amendmentin the top right to delete anything you no longer want.

How to free up space on Android by moving Netflix content to SD card - Android

Netflix downloads don’t last forever. How often you can download something and how long you keep it varies depending on the license for each piece of content. Some downloads expire within 48 hours of viewing them; Some other content that has less than seven days left will display an expiration date on the download screen.

Also note that you cannot share downloads with another person by placing the memory card in their phone. And if a movie or TV show is deleted from the Netflix library, the download will disappear along with it.

Where are Netflix downloads stored on Android?

Now that you have downloaded Netflix content to your SD card, you might be wondering, where does the Netflix app store download on Android?

They are hidden by default, but you can access them using the file manager app. We recommend using Files by Google. It’s free and has none of the corruptions associated with many other file manager apps.

Here’s how to find your Netflix download location:

  • Open Files and go to Settings -> Show hidden files. (You’ll need to find the equivalent setting if you’re using another file manager.)
  • Go to Internal Storage -> Android -> data -> -> files -> Download -> .of
  • You will now see folders with eight-digit random numbers as names. Open any of these to find any downloaded movie.

How to free up space on Android by moving Netflix content to SD card - Android

Netflix content is downloaded in NFV format and encrypted. You cannot save Netflix downloads in the Gallery app or watch them in another player.

If you have already downloaded movies to your phone’s internal storage and want to move them to your SD card instead, you can try transferring them manually using the file manager.

However, you’ll need to put it back on before you try to watch it, and you can’t open the Netflix app then because it won’t recognize later downloads if you do.

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