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Ever since Instagram stole the limelight from many other similar websites a few years ago, businesses and individuals alike have used it to promote themselves. It’s a beast on the internet and has repeatedly proven to be an extremely powerful tool in the right hands.

After all, what better way to promote your brand than to appeal to Instagram’s wide audience? And the best way to do that is to find yourself a spot on the coveted Explore page. What used to be the “Popular” page has now become much more personal.

How it works?

To understand how to access the Explore page, you need to know how it works. Many of us know and use Youtube daily or almost daily. One of the essential features of the video sharing site is its “recommendation” algorithm.

It works quite simply. Based on what a user is searching for and viewing, the algorithm begins to narrow down potential suggestions for said user. It slowly filters content based on the user’s interests, be it music, cartoons or tutorials, and videos matching the user’s criteria start appearing on their homepage.

Where it used to feature things people loved in droves, the Explore page on Instagram now works the same way. Depending on what you’re looking for, or the individuals or brands you follow, the Explore page will present you with carefully curated content.

Featured on Instagram's Explore page

Why should I try to access the Explore page?

To continue the comparison with Youtube, the answer to this question is quite obvious. If your content makes it to the Explore page, it will reach many people or potential customers.

If you like and share your content enough, you’re much more likely to reach a wider audience through the Explore page. Especially since the content of the page responds to the preferences of the individual user.

How to get there

There are many tips and tricks to get more visibility. Some are simple, others a little more complicated. One of the best ways to make your content more visible to your target audience is to find a niche.

Compare with Youtube, which offers different types of channels. Some content creators focus on creating clips related to video games, while others talk about world news and some work on makeup tutorials.

Specializing in a few or maybe even one type of content will allow you to reach your target audience more effectively. Therefore, you might want to look for similar profiles that have already been established. Try to find them, find out where they made mistakes, and apply the clever tactics they used to gain more followers.

How to get featured on Instagram

Quality vs Quantity

The more content you stream, the better. It depends on what you’re trying to show, of course. If you’re a solo entrepreneur trying to promote a product or maybe an artist, the more you show off your craft, the easier it will be to reach people.

This does not mean, however, to focus only on the numbers. The quality of the work you post on Instagram should always be the best you can do. A good impression can earn you a post like, and one by one, those double taps will push you closer to appearing on the Explore page.

So to recap, whatever you want to post online, try to make it look as good as possible. If it’s a photo, make sure it’s crisp and well-composed. If it’s a video, try to make it look professional. You’d be surprised what you can do with good lighting. Moreover, even today’s budget cell phones have strong recording capabilities.

Photos or videos?

People are split on what kind of content to post. Some claim nothing beats a high-quality photo, while others swear up and down that videos are a more popular option. We believe, however, that the best option is a balance between the two. Be sure to use eye-catching photos to grab your viewer’s attention and videos to entertain and inform them.

Stories are another great tool to use. You can include both photos and videos in your stories. Many influencers like to use Stories to update their fans and followers on any recent happenings. A good idea would be to use these stories to let your followers know that more content is coming. You can also let them know that you will be hosting a QnA session on your profile where they can talk to you directly.


Once you’ve captured the audience’s attention, you need to focus on engagement. By engaging and talking to your followers, you will slowly but surely build a strong fan base. They will in turn share your content with their friends. It’s not always easy, of course, but your followers are your best investment.

Get featured on Instagram's Explore page

Hashtags Galore

Smart use of hashtags will take you far on Instagram. Knowing how to market yourself and your content appropriately is essential. This will, of course, depend significantly on the type of content you create.

Using the right hashtags on your photos and clips will ensure you reach the right audience. A great tip that many have recommended is to start by using as many as you can (30 is a max). Later, slowly remove less relevant hashtags as you establish yourself in your niche.

In summary

Although there is no real guarantee that you will reach the Explore page, combining these general tips will give you a good starting point. Do you have any particular tricks of the trade to share, if you’ve found yourself in the same position in the past? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.

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