How to Get Pixel Features on Any Android Phone

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Google’s new Pixel smartphones have grown in popularity since their launch. The top-notch hardware, unique design, and latest Android update made many people take close note of the first “Google Made” phones. However, what really boosted the popularity of the Google Pixel was the exclusivity of the features. Yes, the new Pixel devices come with some really cool exclusive features that aren’t even available to Nexus devices.

We are definitely fans of the unique Google Pixel features, and if you are, you must be wondering if there is a way to get the Pixel features on your Android smartphone. Well, as you might have guessed, this article is about how to get Pixel features on any Android device.

Observation: You should be able to get the various Pixel features if you’re running Android 7.0, 6.0, and even 5.0. We have mentioned the specific requirements for each feature. If your phone is rooted, it will be very easy for you. However, some features do not require root privileges.

Google Pixel devices come with unique features not available on other Android devices. For example, pressing the device frame to activate Google Assistant, automatic text transcription, pressing the back of the device to take a screenshot, etc. But it turns out that these Pixel-exclusive features can be replicated on other Android devices with the right third-party apps. So, in this article, here is how to get Pixel features on any Android phone.

Get Pixel Features on Any Android Phone

1. Voice recorder

Voice recorder is one of the best features of Pixel phones. With the Voice Recorder app, you can not only transcribe any sound in real time without sending data over the internet, but you can also search your audio recordings for a specific word, applause and music.

For now, the app is exclusive to Pixel 4, but surprisingly, the APK sideloader also works on other Android devices. Just download and install the Pixel Voice Recorder app on your Android device. Here is a step by step guide on how to get Voice Recorder app for Pixel 4 on any Android phone.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

2. Click Back

In Android 11, Google introduced the hidden back gesture. This feature lets you tap the back of your Pixel to do things like launch the phone’s camera app, turn on the flashlight, and more.

Thanks to XDA Developer Kieron Quinn Back Tap is being ported to other Android devices even before Google releases the feature publicly. To use the back tap gesture, download and install the Tap, Tap app from GitHub. Open the app and you can put your trigger action under the tab procedures. In my case, I use this function to turn on the flashlight. Now I want the gesture to also be active when the screen is off. Therefore I can change the setting under the tab doors.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

3. Google Phone

Another popular Pixel exclusive app is the default call phone. You can download it on any Android phone. It not only works as a handy Truecaller alternative, but integrates well with Google Maps directions. It also lets you get contact information for nearby public places.

To do this, simply go to the Phone app and search for, for example, Dominos in the search bar. The Phone app will display the address of the nearest Domino store. You can even click on it and connect to the store in question. Additionally, the Phone app can detect unwanted calls. Similar to Truecaller, it proactively displays spam calls and names on the call screen.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

Download Phone from Google

4. Return to Hush

Pixel devices have many features that aren’t enabled by default. One of them is “Flip to Shhh”. When activated, it switches your phone to Do not disturb mode Once you put your phone face down. To use the same feature on a non-Pixel device, download and install the “Flip DND” app.

The app repeats the same behavior and beeps to notify you that DND is enabled. I really liked the addition of “chime” because vibrations alone are not enough for a notification.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

Download Flip DND – Flip to Shhh

5. Active edge

The Active Edge is one of the unique features of the Google Pixel. This feature lets you tap the bottom bezel of your Pixel to launch Google Assistant, silence alerts, incoming call notifications, and more. Moreover, with the help of third-party apps like Button Mapper, you can even reset Active Edge to launch an app or turn on/off the flashlight.

To replicate the same Active Edge functionality, SideSqueeze+ is available. Which uses your phone’s barometer to detect the change in pressure and repeats the same pressure gesture. We tried using it on the One Plus 7T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It seems to work almost flawlessly on those devices. You can download the CPU-Z app and see if your phone has a pressure gauge.

Below is the demo of the compression feature. If that doesn’t work, try removing the phone case and try again.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

Download SideSqueeze+

6. Nearby Sharing

Nearby Sharing isn’t exactly a Pixel-exclusive feature. However, it is now only available on Pixel phones and some Samsung Galaxy devices. It is an Airdrop alternative for Android that allows you to wirelessly send files, photos and documents to other Android devices. To get it on any Android device, you will only need the beta version of the Google Play Services app. Here’s how.

Go to the Google Play Services page in the Play Store. At the bottom you will have a button “rejoinTo register for the trial version of the application. After a while, you will have the option to update the Google Play Services app. Once done, restart your device.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

On restart, you will have the choice between “Next to the post officeIn the quick notification settings. Nearby sharing lets you send files, folders, and videos only to your Gmail and phone contacts. This is done in order to reduce random orders by unknown people.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android


The most enviable feature of a Pixel phone is the camera. Thanks to the excellent camera application, the image quality offered by the Pixel is superior to that of all other smartphones. You can also get the same image quality on your device.

A development team from XDA Developers has ported the Pixel Camera app to every Android device. However, you need to search for the GCam app for your Android device. The best place to find the Google Camera app compatible with your Android device is the BSG Arnova website. Then you can check the XDA forums to modify the GCam according to your Android device.

Below is a comparison of the camera quality on the Nokia 6.1 Plus using both the Google Camera app and the original Camera app.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

8. Automatic Script Copy (Root)

Google has introduced the Auto Text feature on Pixel phones. They basically act as annotations for videos and audio that are playing on your phone. Automatic transcription uses on-device machine learning and can work offline. Although Auto Transcript only supports English at the moment, there are plans to support other languages ​​in the future.

To use the automatic transcription feature on any Android device, you will need to root your device. If you have a rooted device, here are the additional steps.

  • Install Magisk on your Android device.
  • Install the moduleSQLite for ARM aarch64From Magisk and restart the device.
  • After the reboot, install the Live Caption Non-Pixel add-on via Magisk Manager. Again, restart the device.
  • Finally, download and install the Device Personalization Services app.
  • After installing the Device Personalization Services app, you will be able to access the Auto-Transcribe feature settings in the Enable Access menu.

How to get Pixel features on any Android phone - Android

closing words

With every Pixel feature, there seems to be more features and options that can be added to another Android device. I will continue to update this article frequently, so keep an eye out. For more issues or questions, let me know in the comments below. Also, check out the best One UI features to use your Samsung phone professionally.

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