How to Get Samsung Edge Lighting on Any Android Phone

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Samsung’s Edge Lighting really makes your smartphone look great, especially where ambient light is low. Although the original concept was to alert users to incoming calls even when the phone is facing up, not all phones now have curved screens. Even the Galaxy S20 series got rid of the curved display. Anyway, if you don’t have Edge Lighting like Samsung and Realme, let me help you with my hard work done for you. Here are two applications to reproduce the same effect on any Android smartphone.

1. Edge lighting: notification

If you are looking for an app that lets you turn on stunning edge lighting through customizations when you receive notifications, then Edge Lighting is the right choice. Mainly, the app requires permission to overlay apps and secondly, you need to enable the lighting effect from the app itself before you can adjust the lighting settings.

How to Get Samsung Edge Lighting on Any Android Phone - Android

Where the app has two settings to lighten the edges of the screen. The former is Galaxy-like, which means the Edge lighting will be stable for a few seconds after receiving the notification. The second is flash mode option which makes your screen more vivid. You also have several ways to adjust the light. For example, you can choose the opacity as well as adjust the roundness of the corners. Similar to Samsung’s personalization option, you can adjust the brightness duration, speed and also border thickness. The application does not limit you and allows you to choose a solid color or display a mixture of colors to bring your screen to life.

The application contains advertisements but they are not intrusive. If you still prefer the ad-free version, you can upgrade to the paid version at $1.70.

general opinion

  • Edge lighting effect while playing music.
  • In-app blue light filter.

Download Edge Lighting: Notification

2. Edge illumination color

Either you’ll love Edge Lighting Color or you’ll ignore it altogether. It’s a great app and has a slightly different concept to start with. Unlike other apps, you are allowed to use the Edge Light overlay at any time. So it turns your phone into a live wallpaper with edge lighting.

How to Get Samsung Edge Lighting on Any Android Phone - Android

To begin with, I didn’t like the user interface of the app. It is dark in color and the fonts have a black overlay which makes them somewhat unreadable. Also, there are pre-made color schemes for you to choose the shape of the edge and also preview it. In terms of customization, you can configure the border settings where you can adjust the color, animation speed, border size, and curvature of the edges. The app also gives you the option to enable the effect with a notch, a separate opening inside the screen, or an infinity view. So, for example, if you choose the notch, the edge lighting will also appear around the front camera hole. Additionally, you can choose other graphics like dots, hearts, snowflakes, etc.

general opinion

  • Does not show popup for notifications and calls.
  • Just a live wallpaper app.
  • Options to add graphics to change the effect of light.

Download Edge Lighting Color

concluding remarks

There are plenty of apps that do the same, so I installed them all and checked out the customization options they offer. Of the two apps, if you want to have the same capabilities as Samsung and Realme devices, the first Edge Lighting app does that easily with plenty of customizable options. But if nostalgia is what you’re reading the article, you might want to get a permanent light on the edge of the screen, whether on the home screen or the lock screen. Choose Edge Edge Colors app and show your screen to your friends. If there is another app that does things differently from the apps I mentioned above, leave your suggestion in the comments.

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