How to Get the Zoom in Markup Tool for iOS on Android

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Over the past few years, Apple has greatly improved and upgraded iPhone’s ability to edit photos. With Markup, which was first introduced in iOS 10, you can add doodles, highlights, important text and your signature, add arrow shapes, choose different opacity ratios, line thicknesses, and more. things to photos and screenshots. One of Markup’s lesser-known tools lets you zoom in on essential details without having to crop.

With the Zoom in Markup tool, you can permanently enlarge any section of an image without having to crop the entire image. While the potential uses are many, it’s best to enlarge small, blurry text or focus on something important. In any case, the tool can be very useful and you can use it from the Photos application or from the screenshot editor.

So I tried to look for an Android equivalent option that allows you to do the same effects, but to my dismay there is no built-in option that is good enough (I’m talking about OneUI).

So, when there is no native option, it forces us to turn to third-party screenshot apps. So, here’s how to zoom in on the details of screenshots and images on Android.

How to get the

Zoom in on photo details on Android

1. Above all, download and install Screen Master on your Android device.

How to get the

2. Once you open the app, you will be asked for permission to access your files. Click on “Allow. Next, we want to improve the detail of our existing photos, so clickdescription of the imageIn the lower right corner.

How to get the

3. Next, select the image that you want to enlarge some of the elements in it. Once the image is uploaded, click “costsFrom the editing tools below. In the drawing menu, the doodle tool will be selected by default. Click the iconmagnifying glassTo activate the zoom function.

How to get the

4. Next, click and drag with your finger on the image to draw a zoom circle. You can hold the circle and move it or even resize it later to pinpoint the exact location.

How to get the

Screen Master also allows you to place multiple magnifying circles inside the image. You can also change the color and opacity of the magnifying circle. I found the default settings to be quite good.


On iOS, the magnifying glass has two colored dots – blue and green. If you move the green dot around the circle, you can adjust the zoom level or reduce it, and moving the blue dot adjusts its size.

Unfortunately, Screen Master does not offer the option to adjust the zoom level or reduce it. Placing multiple magnifying circles on top of each other does not increase magnification. Also, you cannot change the appearance of the magnified area. It is set to a circle by default and will remain the same.

Additional Features

Screen Master is a complete, all-in-one screen capture app. You can use it to take screenshots instead of the default option on your Android device. In terms of characterization, it gives you the option to include shapes and arrows. You can also highlight a specific area using the highlight feature.

It also has a mosaic option that lets you darken sensitive areas of an image in order to upload it to social media.

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