How to know if the POF profile is fake

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Do you want to get back into the dating game after a shorter or longer break? These days, it’s easy thanks to the many dating services and sites. One of the top rated services is Plenty of Fish or POF for short.

There is a flaw with POF, as with most other dating services. Some profiles are fake. If you want to know how to know if the POF profile is fake, keep reading. You will learn different methods to determine such profiles, why people do it and how to stay away from them.

Why do people create fake POF profiles?

You are not the only one wondering why some people decide to create fake dating profiles on various sites including POF. There are many reasons, but the most important are low self-esteem, the desire to scam people, as well as sheer boredom.

People with low self-esteem are everywhere, and if that’s why they’re faking it, you can at least try to understand them. They are not liars trying to steal your money. This kind of fake profiles is the worst and the most dangerous.

Scammers are rampant on all dating services, and there is no exception or safe place. However, they are usually not too bright and you can see them from a mile away. We will discuss them in more detail later.

Bored people are slightly more malicious than lonely people. They play with people’s feelings, and there’s no excuse for that. The thing they do is called catfishing, and they often make fun of people who use hot profile pictures and pretend to be someone else.

On rare occasions, there are also jealous relatives, stalkers and internet trolls. You should report all kinds of fake profiles if you happen to come into contact with them on POF.

Tell if the POF profile is fake

The best way to avoid fake POF profiles

There are specific steps you can take to protect yourself from fake POF profiles. If you can, don’t communicate with them at all. As soon as they send you outbound links or try to steer the conversation away from the POF platform, disengage from the communication.

Scammers often try to trick you into clicking on shady links that contain malware or sell you certain products. Only switch to other platforms when you know you can trust the person. It’s unclear when to trust someone on a dating site, but use POF for at least two weeks before moving the discussion elsewhere.

Don’t worry because scammers don’t like to meet in person. They always find excuses, even if they claim to live near you. It’s also a smart way to test a scammer, ask them and see what they say. You don’t need to go all the way. We advise you not to even think about it.

Become a dating site detective

This list can be very long, so let’s list the most common information about fake POF profiles. Here are the steps you can take to determine the authenticity of a profile on POF.

  1. Their profile is out of the ordinary, with pictures at the top or About Me sections. Sometimes the pictures are out of place, showing cleavage or their bathing suit. They are definitely fake profiles unless they only have a few pictures left, and some of them are tasteful.
  2. The about me pages of fake profiles are usually short and monotonous. If that sounds robotic to you, it’s probably a fake profile. Look for profiles with longer descriptions and proper grammar usage if you want to stay safe.
  3. Besides the short about me page, fake users also only have one or two photos on their profile. When a profile seems too simple, it is most likely wrong.
  4. They will try to convince you to use other means of communication. Never say yes to this if you have only met the person. These are often automated messages. Ask them something specific if you want to see if you’re chatting with a bot or a human. Always keep a close eye on grammar as this can help you spot a fake profile.
  5. Consider their profile picture, description, and who they claim to be. If the person looks much younger than they say, the profile is probably fake. Most scammers claim to be attractive women, please don’t fall for the trap like a typical lonely guy.

Reverse photo search

If you talk to a stranger on POF, always remember to Google their picture. It’s easy, just follow the steps:

  1. Right click on the suspect’s photo on POF. Select Copy image address (or URL).
  2. Open Google image search.
  3. Click the camera icon next to the search bar (Search by Image).
  4. Paste the address of the image you copied in step 1.
  5. Click Search by Image.
  6. If you get a lot of results from the same photo model (they probably took a photo of a celebrity, model, or image online), you can safely assume that this POF profile is fake. Often these scammers use the same image on multiple dating sites.

This is a very reliable way to recognize scammers on POF or any other dating service. Remember to search for pictures in a sketchy profile when you are unsure of its authenticity.


Don’t get caught

With the advice you received here, it will be almost impossible to get scammed on POF or any other dating site. Always report a profile if you notice it is fake so admins can remove it from the platform.

If an image is unrealistic, consider an image search for that person. If they seem funny or strange to you, ask for specific details or ignore them altogether.

Has anyone tried to scam you on POF or another dating platform? Do you know another way to spot a fake profile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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