How to make a sticker pack in Telegram

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Telegram is one of the best and most popular text messaging apps. It is available on all platforms and users really appreciate the speed and ease of navigation. Another thing that makes Telegram great fun for users is the myriad of stickers you can add and download.

There are sticker chains and sticker bots, with something for everyone. But what if you really want to create your own sticker pack? Can you do it and how exactly would it work?

Create a sticker pack

Telegram likes to point out that their stickers are grouped and based on emotions, not characters. They do not clutter the interface and will only be suggested when relevant. When you start a message in Telegram with an emoji, you get a list of matching stickers. So how do you create your own sticker pack? Follow these steps to achieve this:

  1. Go to Search (magnifying glass in the upper right corner on Android) and just type “Stickers”.
  2. This search will take you to the official Telegram Sticker Bot. Select the Stickers bot to continue.
  3. Press Start. You are now ready to start creating the sticker pack.
  4. Tap /newpack or type it in the message box to create a new sticker pack.
  5. You will be prompted to name your new sticker pack. It’s time to get creative.
  6. Now send the sticker as a file. The image supported by the Telegram sticker bot must be in PNG format with a transparent layer and must fit within a 512×512 square. The sticker must also use a white stroke and shadow.
  7. After sending the correct image, you will be asked to send an emoji corresponding to the first sticker.
  8. After sending the emoji, the Sticker Bot will notify you that your sticker is now in the pack.
  9. You now have the option to add another sticker. When done, issue the /publish command.
  10. You can now send a 100×100 image if you want to set your sticker pack icon. Or you can skip this step.
  11. Finally, provide a short name that will be used in a link for your sticker pack.
  12. Your sticker pack is now published and you will get the link.

Now you can share your sticker pack with other Telegram users. Just send them the link and they can add it. But it is important that they have the updated version of Telegram.

Telegram How to make sticker pack

Get the most out of Sticker Bot

Also, you can use sticker bot for other sticker related actions. You can add stickers to an existing sticker pack. Or you can change matching emojis, delete a sticker, or even delete an entire sticker pack. Sticker Bot can also be used to get stats for a sticker or sticker pack. You can check which ones are used the most and get individual usage statistics.

Many independent artists can take advantage of the fact that Telegram is willing to buy their works as stickers. Telegram will pay $100 for the exclusive use of a 512×512 sticker. You can go to their website and check out some of their stickers and look at the criteria in detail. Their Art & History sticker pack is particularly well done.

How to make a sticker pack

Help yourself with an app

If you want to create your own sticker pack for Telegram, there are several things to keep in mind. First, you need to think about copyright infringement and other types of content issues. Therefore, don’t go making stickers from well-known brand logos and things like that.

Another thing is that unless you are skilled with image manipulation, you might have trouble matching your sticker to the image size and quality criteria.

This is where you could benefit from an app that specializes in turning your images into sticker-ready files. You can find Sticker Maker on Android and iOS and it will probably make the sticker creation process much easier. It’s also something you can use for other messaging apps that support stickers.

Let your creativity take over

The hardest part is getting your potential sticker approved by Telegram Sticker Bot. When your image is supported, you can create as many sticker packs as you want. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the Sticker Bot. The best part comes when you share what you’ve created with other people. And if you’re not feeling creative, just browse through the many stickers Telegram already has.

Will you make Telegram sticker packs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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