How to make animated stickers in Telegram

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For many reasons, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps. Some people like that it’s safe and fast. Others like its all-in-one appeal where you can text, make calls, and send video messages quickly and easily.

But what makes Telegram stand out is the massive and ever-expanding sticker library. And what’s better than a sticker? Well, an animated sticker, of course. Telegram encourages users to submit their own stickers. But how does it work, exactly?

Make an animated sticker

There’s no doubt that stickers are fun. Even for people who are more or less indifferent to them, a clever sticker with animation can bring a smile. Telegram does an amazing job of allowing its users to participate in customizing the app. This encourages them to continue using it and to recommend it to others.

So, if you’re feeling particularly creative and have a great idea for an animated sticker for Telegram, you can submit your design for approval. But before you start anything, there are a few technical tools and requirements to keep in mind. If you want to create an animated sticker for Telegram, you will need these:

  1. A vector graphics editor capable of exporting vector objects to Adobe After Effects.
  2. Adobe After Effects.
  3. A Bodymovin-TG plugin. This is used to export animations. TGS is the animated sticker format for Telegram.

That’s it for the tools. For technical requirements, follow these rules:

  1. You should use a canvas/sticker size of 512×521 pixels.
  2. An object cannot leave the canvas.
  3. No more than three seconds for animation duration.
  4. It must be closed.
  5. The file cannot exceed 64 KB.
  6. In a sticker pack, all stickers must have the same FPS (30 to 60).
  7. There are certain Adobe After Effects (Star Shapes, Solids, Time Stretching, etc.) that you should not use.

Obviously, there must be some skill when creating an animated sticker for Telegram. But for those who are comfortable with these tools and think the rules are easy to follow, it’s probably a very fun challenge.

Once you’ve finished creating your animated sticker, you’re ready to upload it. You need to type the /newanimated command and send it to the bot @stickers. Then send all your animated sticker files. Choose an icon for your set of animated stickers. Make sure it’s 100×100 pixels and the looping animation doesn’t exceed three seconds.

Make animated stickers

Animated Sticker Starter Packs

Believe it or not, stickers are way more popular than emojis and gifs. In a way, they are something in between, in terms of ease and practicality of use. But at the same time, they are in a class of their own. Like Telegram Animated Stickers was created to enhance their already very successful line of stickers.

Telegram has found a way to give more with stickers without taking up more bandwidth. And for a messaging app, that’s a big deal. All stickers, animated included, are free on the platform. In addition to allowing everyone to participate and create, you can immediately benefit from an animated sticker starter pack.

The easiest way to explore and add more animated sticker packs is to use a matching emoji and see what’s available. Unsurprisingly, many animated emojis revolve around animals. Anything that can be funny and cute, as well as good for livening up human emotions.

Telegram Make Animated Stickers

Animated Sticker Channel

Telegram is also known for its many channels and groups. It’s a great way to discover more communities. You can also take advantage of Telegram’s bot feature and discover even more ways to make your conversations more dynamic. But you can also use the Telegram channel option to search for more animated sticker packs.

All you have to do is search @AnimatedStickers and join the channel. This way you will be informed about all new stickers. In all likelihood, you will receive at least one sticker pack every day. There are tens of thousands of members on this channel and it can be considered a true sticker scavenger hunt experience.

What makes a sticker special?

For those who are ready to jump into creating their own animated stickers, there may be some hesitation. After all, what makes a sticker successful? What makes everyone prefer it to others?

A sticker should be witty and fun. It should convey a specific emotion, not leave users guessing. It’s probably best to choose a specific topic and broaden it as much as possible in terms of the range of human emotions it can convey.

How to make animated stickers

Make feelings livelier with stickers

Whether you’re looking to create your own animated stickers or just looking for more to share with your friends, it’s a great way to spend time on Telegram. Some will be more successful than others, and that’s okay. The important thing is to remember all the tools and requirements and that there is always the chain of stickers available for you.

Have you ever tried to create your own animated sticker for Telegram? Let us know in the comments section below.

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