How to play Myst on your smartphone

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Now you can play Myst, the classic puzzle game loved by previous generations of gamers, on your smartphone. This means that anyone over a certain age can replay Myst to shake off the nostalgia, while next-gen gamers can experience one of the games that were once their parents’ favorites.

What is Myst?

Myst is a graphical adventure game that requires you to solve puzzles to progress. It was originally released on CD in 1993, which helped increase the popularity of this technology. Myst became the best-selling PC game until it was overtaken by The Sims in 2002.

There have been a number of sequels and spin-offs released since then, but the original Myst is an absolute classic of the genre that’s still played predominately to this day. That’s why we recommend checking out Myst on your smartphone.

How to play Myst on Android and iOS

Myst is available as realMyst on Android and iOS. The original Myst port was the result of a partnership between Cyan, the game’s original developer, and Noodlecake, the phone studio responsible for Alto’s Adventure and Pumped: BMX, among many other participants.

RealMyst is the original game everyone knows and loves, with just a few recent features added to bring it up to date. These include touch controls, a bookmark widget, a built-in crash guide, and support for Bluetooth controllers.

RealMyst has been available on iOS since 2009. However, realMyst only came out on Android in 2017. Regardless of when, the end result is that you can now run Myst on your smartphone. And even if it’s not free, what can a few dollars add to get a slice of gaming history?

To download: RealMyst on Android | iOS

Other classic PC games to play on your phone

Myst has been ported to many platforms over the years, including the original PlayStation and Nintendo DS. However, it’s the perfect game to play on your mobile phone, so it’s worth checking out realMyst for Android and iOS.

Whether you choose to play Myst on your smartphone or not, it’s far from the only classic games now available on mobile. In fact, it has become a norm to transfer old games to cell phones, so here is a list of classic PC games you can play on Android.

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