How to Repost on Instagram Stories

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Are you a social media influencer looking to rock Instagram stories to gain more followers? Or are you an individual and would you like to republish a quote that speaks to you?

If so, you’ll want to know more about posting Instagram stories. It’s an easy yet fantastic way to grab attention and repost a tagged story. In this article, we are going to show you how to repost stories on Instagram. Keep reading to learn more about this great feature.

Repost a User’s Instagram Story

In order for you to repost someone’s Instagram story, you must first be tagged or mentioned in the story itself. When someone posts a story and mentions you in it, you’ll receive a notification in the direct messages. Once you open the post, you will see the story and above it an option “Add this to your story”.

Just tap on them and their story will now appear on your screen as a sticker. You can then resize or move it. Simply pinch the screen to resize it or tap it to move it. You also have the option to spice up this story by adding stickers, text or any other design you like.

When you’re satisfied, just tap “Your Story” in the bottom left corner of your screen and away you go! The post is now also on your Instagram story. When your followers see this post, they’ll also see the original creator’s username. They can tap on it and explore the profile.

Repost to Instagram Stories

Repost a user’s Instagram post

You may see a post in your feed that you really like and want to have in your own story. You’ll be happy to know that posting someone’s post to your Instagram Story is also possible.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Look for a paper plane icon under a message.
  2. Press it.
  3. You’ll see “Add a post to your story” next to your profile picture. Click on it.
  4. The post will appear as a sticker on your screen.
  5. You can resize it, move it or add a design to it.
  6. When you’re done, tap “Your Story.”

Alternatively, you can send this message to certain people and not post it to your story. So instead of tapping “Add a post to your story,” search for the list of people. Simply click “Send” next to their photo and the message will only be sent to them.

Note that if the profile of the person whose post you want to share is private, you will not be able to repost it on your Instagram story. You will be able to send it to other people who can only see the post if they are friends with that person.

Repost a video on Instagram stories

Reposting a video to your story is similar to reposting any photo. When you see the video you like, you will also need to click on the paper airplane icon. You will have the option to share it in your story or send it to individual people. If you want to share it in your story, tap “Add a post to your story”.

However, when you do this, your story video will not be viewable as a video, but as a photo. In order for your subscribers to see the video, they will need to tap on it. Then they will see “View post”. By clicking on it, they will be redirected to the original message. The video starts automatically, so they can now see the content you reposted.

Other Options

If you don’t want to repost the story immediately, but still want to save it for future use, there are options for that as well. You know how stories last 24 hours, right? All you have to do during this time is take a screenshot of the story you find interesting and use it whenever you need.

You can take the screenshot the same way you normally do. When you decide to post this to your story, you’ll need to crop the edges so the time, date, and other phone icons aren’t visible.

Instagram Stories How to Repost

To post a screenshot, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Find the Camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen and tap it.
  3. Swipe down from the bottom of your page to see your gallery.
  4. Find the screenshot you need and click on it.
  5. The screenshot appears as a sticker on your screen.
  6. Play around with the design and size until you’re happy with it
  7. Tap “Your Story” to post it.

Don’t forget to mention the content creator; this is the basic Instagram tag.


Posting on Instagram is a great way for individuals to share content they admire. Reposting specific content shows a person’s interests and helps them attract followers with similar tastes. It’s very simple and there are different ways to do it, so just come back to this article whenever you need help reposting something.

What are you looking for in the photos you repost? Are there certain types of photos that you repost more than others? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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