How to schedule downloads on Chrome for Android

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Whenever I have to do a big download with my phone – or, in fact, download anything to my phone – I have always focused on the question “Is this going to consume a large part of my data plan? data ? vs. “How much do I need this app (or game or video) right now?” »

While games and apps give you the option to delay downloads until you’re connected to WiFi instead of using a data plan, it’s harder to do the same for downloads initiated through your browser. website. Generally, the download will start the moment you click on the link. Unless you enable a new setting in Chrome on Android that also lets you delay the process.

When downloading large files to smartphones, it consumes a lot of data. So if you often wonder “is this file really important now?” “. A Chrome Flag solution may be right for you. This new Chrome Flag feature lets you download the file later when you’re on WiFi. Or you can schedule the download at a specific date and time. For those who don’t know, Chrome Flags are experimental features on Google Chrome, you can manually enable them to take advantage of them.

Anyway, here’s how to enable download scheduling with Chrome Flags.

Schedule downloads on Chrome for Android

Although the Chrome Flag feature is available on the stable version of Android, so far this feature only works with the Chrome Canary version. Although these features are usually found in the stable version of Chrome as well.

Once installed, open your browser and navigate to Chrome Flags by pasting the following link in the address bar and pressing Walk in and search for “Enable download later.


How to schedule downloads on Chrome for Android - Android

Here you can see it has been fixed.Enable download laterIn Chrome Flags mode Default. Click on it and a popup will appear, set it to “Enabled. Now click on the option “To restart” downstairs. Once done, you can start planning your downloads.

How to schedule downloads on Chrome for Android - Android

To schedule downloads, just start downloading anything, instead of asking you to start downloading, Chrome will give you a popup asking you to download “NowWhere “Over Wi-FiWhere “Choose date and time. If you want to download when connected to a WiFi network, you can select “Over Wi-Fi. Make sure to uncheck the box next to “Do not display anymore. So you can decide each time, otherwise the files will only be downloaded in Chrome when you are connected to WiFi.

How to schedule downloads on Chrome for Android - Android

Or you can set the file to download at a specific date and time by selecting the “Choose a date and timeand set the download time.

How to schedule downloads on Chrome for Android - Android

You will receive a notification when the download process is complete. You can always disable this feature the same way by simply going to Chrome Flags and setting the “Enable Download Later” flag to “Disabled”. But remember that if you have scheduled downloads, they will no longer be downloaded.

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