How to Send Auto Replies to Text Messages on Android

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It’s very tempting to reach out and respond to messages you receive while driving, but maybe you should be extra vigilant on your way because distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. year in the countries alone. You can get rid of this temptation by making your phone respond to these messages, so you don’t have to worry about them.

There are many Android auto-reply apps that allow you to send personalized replies to messages. These apps allow you to auto-reply from the Android notification panel. This will help avoid the whole process of opening the app to write a reply to that particular message. With auto-reply apps on Android, you don’t need to focus on sending replies to unwanted messages right away.

If you usually respond quickly to text messages you receive, people may worry if you don’t respond for a while. Luckily, it’s easy to set up automatic SMS replies on Android.

With just a few apps, you can send automatic replies to people who try to call you while you’re driving, when you’re in a meeting, or busy. Here’s how to automatically reply to text messages on Android.

Auto-answer while driving with Android Auto

If you mainly want to automatically reply to messages while driving, Android Auto lets you reply to messages with just a tap. This applies if your car has an Android Auto compatible unit or if you only use the Android Auto app on your phone.

To set up automatic text replies in Android Auto, first open the app. Scroll to the left sidebar and choose Settings. In the Notifications section, tap auto reply. Here you can customize the text that appears when a message you received is automatically answered.

Make sure the Show Message Notifications and/or Show Group Message Notifications toggle is also enabled. Otherwise, you won’t know when the message arrives, so you won’t be able to reply to it automatically.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

Now, when you see an incoming message notification, you can tap on the auto-reply field to send your auto-message with just one tap. Also, this setting works with all Android Auto supported messaging apps (such as WhatsApp and Telegram), not just the SMS app. Although this process is not fully automatic, it is a safer way to get back on the road when needed.

Download: Android Auto (Free)

Using the Auto Reply SMS App

The above is great while driving, but there are a lot of things you can do to automatically reply to text messages on Android. One of the best apps for this task is SMS Auto Reply Text Message, which offers most of its features for free.

Download: Auto Reply SMS (free in-app purchases available)

Getting Started with SMS Auto Reply SMS

After installing the app, you can browse the basic overview and start creating your own auto-response rules. Click on Add/Edit On the main screen to start creating a rule.

At the top you will see that the form Busy It is selected by default. You can click it to change it to other models like Conduct Where Meeting Where Film. Each form has its own predefined message, which you can edit in the message field.

If you want to create a new response form, click on the icon plus sign at the top left and name it. Before proceeding, make sure that SMS is checked under Select a channel to reply to so that the app works on text messages.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

Messages for specific contacts

Then you can choose to send a possibly personalized message to certain contacts. This allows you to leave a more personal note to people you know well or from whom you expect a message, for example.

Tap the pen icon next to the custom list to select which contacts or contact groups the selected message should be sent to. Once you have selected the contacts, write the message to them.

You will also see a field “To not answer. This allows you to automatically select numbers you do not want to answer. For example, you can exclude automated numbers such as bank alerts.

When finished, press save to keep your changes in the current form.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

Set a period for sending automatic replies

Next, you will need to select a time to enable the option to send replies automatically. Choose Set Time in the Edit or Home section to configure this setting.

Use both fieldsFrom” And “Toat the top of the screen to set the service activation time. From here, you have three options for how responses work:

  • Picking out Executed by time To activate automatic answering at chosen times each day.
  • through Run by date Messages will be answered within the time frame you specify, on the dates you choose.
  • Locate Executed by weekdays To use replying to messages during the time period you specified only on certain days of the week. Check the box Repeat every week If you want to run this option the same way in the coming weeks.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

Press on “saveYou will be taken to a screen.on off. Here the app will tell you that due to Android limitations it only works with SMS. This means that it is not compatible with missed calls and multimedia messages as it was before.

Enable automatic replies

on the page “on off‘, you will see all the automatic response rules you have created. If you want to create different profiles for different times or groups of people, you can repeat the steps above to set up as many rules as you want.

To enable automatic replies upon completion, enable the toggle bar next to the ruler. When you do this, the app will ask you to enable notification access so it knows when you receive a text message. It also asks you to turn off battery optimization and allow unlimited data access so that it can work properly.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

That’s a lot of permissions to grant, but they’re all necessary for the app to work as expected.

When the rule is running, you will see it highlighted in blue on this page.

Auto-reply settings and other features

That’s all you need to start SMS auto-reply. However, the service has a few extras you need to be aware of.

Once the rule is in effect, click on “Reportson the home screen to view information about messages you’ve sent while this personal rule is active. In the left sidebar, you can use the backup tool to save your configurations to Google Drive.

In this sidebar you will also find a list of settings to check. For example, you can allow only one reply to be sent and the app will not reply to multiple messages from the same person for a certain period of time. Under Reply Rules, you can also choose to reply only to your Contacts, Contacts, or Custom Lists.

You can also choose to ignore short numbers, which is a good idea since most automated messages come from short numbers.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

Auto-responder offers in-app purchases to unlock more features. This includes auto-replying to messages from Facebook and WhatsApp, setting an alert when rules expire, and adding a default status. It costs $4.49 for everything (including removing ads), which is handy if you use the service a lot.

More auto-reply options with IFTTT

If for some reason you don’t like the solution above, you can always create your own auto-replies using IFTTT.

First, sign up for IFTTT and enable Android SMS service by installing the app on your Android phone. From there, you can use Android text messages as triggers and actions for new apps.

How to send automatic replies to text messages on Android - Android

You are only limited by your creativity here. For example, you can use the search operator in new text messages you receive to capture messages containing certain words. The action can then send an SMS in automatic response indicating to the sender that you are not available.

There’s a lot to understand with IFTTT, so check out our comprehensive IFTTT guide to help you on your way.

Download: IFTTT (Free)

Auto-reply to text messages made easy

We’ve looked at a few ways to send an auto-reply to messages on Android. Whether you just want a simple way to let people know you’re driving or you can dive into a full setup with multiple profiles, you’ll never have to leave anyone waiting for a response again.

To get more texting, learn how to schedule texting on Android and the best services that put it to good use.

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