How to Set Spotify Playlist as Alarm Sound on Android

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Are you bored when you wake up after hearing the standard alarm sound? Want to spoil your sleep with a special song? If you have an Android phone, now is your chance, we are about to show you how to set up your Spotify playlist to be your wake up call every morning to feel better.

For those who don’t know (is there anyone who doesn’t know Spotify), Spotify is the popular music streaming service used by people around the world. It offers massive amounts of playable music, the ability to create playlists, and some features to share with friends. It can also be used as an alarm clock.

The service makes it easy to wake you up with a playlist to change the alarm sound. Also, those who don’t use Spotify can use YouTube Music or Pandora to change the alarm sound on their phone.

First, let’s see how to set an alarm with Spotify playlist on your Android phone.

How to Use Spotify as an Alarm Clock on Android

To set up Spotify to sound the alarm, you’ll need to use the Google Clock app. If you have a Stock Android phone like the Pixel, it probably already has it installed. Owners of other Android phones, such as Samsung devices, can first install the Google Clock app for free from the Play Store.

As you’d expect, to use the alarm clock feature through Spotify, you’ll also need to install the Spotify app. You must install it and log in if it is not already configured. Luckily, you don’t need a Premium account to use Spotify as your alert sound.

To download: Google Clock for Android (free)

To download: Spotify for Android (Free, subscription available)

How to set Spotify as an alarm

Now that everything is set up, here’s how to set Spotify as an alarm clock on Android:

  • Open the Clock app and go to the tab Alarm.
  • Expand the alarm you want to edit by clicking the arrow below it.
  • If you need to create a new alarm, click the button plus sign (+) Create one first.
  • Tap the bell icon on the alarm to open sound settings.
  • Select the Spotify tab.
    • If you don’t see the tab, make sure Spotify is installed and logged in. Press the menu button in the top left and select View Spotify To make sure the option is not hidden.
  • If this is your first time using Spotify’s alarm clock feature, you may need to provide consent to link your Spotify account to the Clock app.
  • Once your account is logged in, you can select a playlist recommended by Spotify to use as your alarm. If you don’t like any of these options, click “Look forYou can choose your favorite playlist, album or song.

How to Set Spotify Playlist as Alarm Sound on Android - Android

You can open your Spotify playlist to preview it before deciding. Just tap the three-dot button next to the playlist name, then click Open in Spotify to take a look.

When the alarm is on, you will see the song name at the bottom of the screen. After turning off the alarm, you have the option to continue playing Spotify while you get ready for your day – just tap “keep playing.

How to Set Spotify Playlist as Alarm Sound on Android - Android

How to Use YouTube Music or Pandora as an Alarm Clock on Android

Don’t use Spotify? The clock also supports YouTube Music and Pandora as alarm options. It is as simple to set up as the steps above.

To use it, open the Clock app and tap the alarm bell to change the sound. Use the three-dot menu button at the top left to hide or show each of the three services as needed.

If you don’t have the correct app installed, you’ll need to do that first and sign in. The Clock app provides a shortcut to install any of the Google Play options.

How to Set Spotify Playlist as Alarm Sound on Android - Android

Once you’ve set everything up, you’ll find that ringing the alarm with Pandora and YouTube Music works like using Spotify as an alarm clock. Choose a playlist from the recommended options or find one, then you can continue listening after the alarm goes off.

To download: Pandora for Android (Free, subscription available)

To download: YouTube Music for Android (free, subscription available)

What music do you want to listen to when you wake up?

Now you know how to use Spotify or another music service as your alarm sound on Android. The benefit of using a playlist to sound the alarm is that you’re less likely to listen to just one piece of music. We recommend that you avoid setting a favorite song as your alarm sound, because it will make you hate it for a long time, believe me 😉 .

If calming tunes aren’t your thing when you’re awake, check out the best social alarm clock apps to help you wake up. And once you’re up and running, try one of Spotify’s background music playlists to stay focused.

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