How to turn flashlight mode on and off on your phone

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The flashes on most smartphones aren’t just useful for taking pictures in low-light conditions. It can also be used as a flashlight. This is useful in many different situations, for example when you have difficulty opening the front door late at night or when you are looking for something in a dark room.

But how exactly do you enable flashlight mode for your Android or iPhone? Well, there’s more than one way to do it – some are smartphone-specific. So you’ll be ready to light your way the next time you come home late from a party with the lamp options below.

While you can’t use flashlight mode on your phone every day, it’s a must-have option when you need it. But how to turn on the flashlight of your smartphone?

We are here to help. We’ll show you how to turn your flashlight on and off using several methods. Android users have more ways to do this, but we’ll also cover instructions for enabling flashlight mode on iPhone.

1. Enable flashlight mode with quick settings on Android

Android didn’t have a generic option to turn the flashlight on and off until Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2014. Before that, some phone makers added a built-in way to turn the flashlight on, while others did not have such an option. Luckily, all modern Android phones include flashlight functionality which is easily accessible.

To turn on the flashlight, simply swipe twice from the top of the screen (or swipe once with two fingers) to open the quick settings menu. You should see the bulb inserted. Press it to turn on the LED flash immediately.

Depending on which icons appear first, you can also access the LED flash icon from the notification panel (after swiping down once).

How to turn flashlight mode on and off on your phone - Android iOS

When you’re done using it, tap the enter again to turn off the flashlight. You can lock the screen or open other apps, and the flashlight will always be on.

If you don’t see the Flashlight icon, you may need to swipe left or right to access more icons. This list varies by phone manufacturer. The screenshots above show the options available on Stock Android, but if you have a Samsung, LG, or other device, the options will be different, so take some time to familiarize yourself with how the additional icons are displayed.

2. “Ok Google, turn on the flashlight”

The quick settings toggle option is handy, but what if you can’t always use it? You may have other shortcuts in quick settings that make it difficult to access. Or you may need to turn on the lamp while your hands are busy or dirty.

For those times, you can rely on the Google Assistant. One of the most useful Google Assistant commands is “Ok Google, turn on the flashlight. “

As expected, the assistant will turn on the flashlight as soon as you say that. To turn it off, you can click on the toggle bar that appears in the chat window or say “Ok Google, turn off the lamp.

How to turn flashlight mode on and off on your phone - Android iOS

What makes this shortcut so handy is the number of ways you can access the Google Assistant, depending on your phone model. Google devices have a dedicated Google Assistant button for easy access. If your device still uses the Home button, you can press and hold it to open the Assistant. With the new Android 10 gestures, swipe to the center from one of the bottom corners instead.

Those with a Pixel 2 or later can tap the sides of the phone to summon the Google Assistant. For a completely hands-free approach, you can also set Google Assistant to answer whenever you say “OkGoogleeven when the screen is off.

For more on this, see Intro to using the Google Assistant.

3. Use flashlight app, if you need

If for some reason you don’t like either of the above two methods, or you have an old Android phone where neither is available, you can resort to the flashlight app. There are hundreds of them in the Google Play Store, but you have to be careful when choosing any of them.

Turning on the flashlight is a simple task. However, the majority of flashlight apps require lots of unnecessary permissions like your location, contacts, etc. There’s no good reason to grant these potentially dangerous permissions to apps that will abuse them.

One of the most popular flashlight apps for Android, Brightest Flashlight Free is a notorious app which is known to access user contacts and geo-location data. Many of these apps also display full-screen hateful video ads.

How to turn flashlight mode on and off on your phone - Android iOS

Some offer extra features like full-time screen reading and color rendering, but these are largely unnecessary and not worth risking your privacy.

With that in mind, we recommend avoiding flashlight apps unless you need them. In this case, we recommend Icon Torch. This app lets you open the flashlight with a simple toggle bar and has no ads or in-app purchases. It only requires absolute minimum permissions, so it’s a safe bet.

4. Try gestures to activate the flashlight

Some Android phones, including some Motorola devices, have built-in gestures that allow you to turn on the flashlight at any time. These gestures include shaking and making a motion.double seal. On a Pixel device, you can double-click the power button to open the camera at any time.

Feel free to try these gestures and see if they work with your device. Many apps on the Google Play Store offer the ability to add this gesture functionality to other phones. However, many of these apps are full of ads, unreliable, or haven’t seen updates in years.

We recommend avoiding these and sticking to lighting the lamp using the built-in option.

5. How to Enable Flashlight Mode on iPhone

As you’d expect, iOS provides easy access to Flashlight on the iPhone.

The fastest way is to use the Control Center shortcut. On your iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open it. People with iPhone 8 or earlier devices should swipe up instead.

Once the control center is open (you can do this even when your phone is off), just tap the flashlight icon to activate it. Tap the same icon again to turn off the flashlight.

On iOS 11 or later, you can adjust the brightness of the flashlight. To do this, press Haptic touch (Deep press) the flashlight icon. You will see a slider that you can adjust to have multiple levels of lighting.

How to turn flashlight mode on and off on your phone - Android iOS

If you don’t see the icon, you may have hidden it when customizing Control Center. Head to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls to add them again.

If you prefer, you can also ask Siri to open the flashlight. All you have to do is summon Siri by saying:Hi SiriOr press and hold the Home button (iPhone 8 and earlier) or Side button (iPhone X and later) to summon Siri. So saySwitch on the light.

Don’t bother with flashlight apps available for your iPhone. The included options are more than enough.

All options for turning on the flashlight on the phone, covered

Now you know how to turn on and off the flashlight of your Android phone or iPhone. It’s a simple task, but knowing where those shortcuts are means you won’t be stuck in the dark for a long time figuring out how to get there.

Although using the flashlight for long periods of time is unlikely to harm your phone, we recommend that you do not leave it on longer than necessary. Bright light will drain the battery, leaving it on all the time could heat up your phone and further drain the battery.

By the way, the flashlight is not the only gadget that your phone can replace. Check out the best digital gadget apps for Android and gadget apps for iPhone to learn more.

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