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In today’s online social networks, it’s all about popularity. This is especially true for Facebook, which is by far the biggest player in this game. Likes, reactions, comments, and the influx of new followers all impact user account popularity.

Unfortunately, gaining likes and comments on Facebook is not that easy. It becomes even more difficult if you don’t already have a significant number of subscribers. Fortunately, there are third-party automatic likes services that can help speed up this process.

Facebook Auto Magnets

Here are the most popular players in this game, in no particular order.

Best automatic FB likes - Facebook

Our recommendation


Qlizz is free and allows you to increase the number of likes on your publications. This also includes your profile pictures. Although this service limits the number of automated likes you can acquire in a single day, there are ways to even go beyond this limit.

By buying likes in bulk, you don’t have to rely solely on the limited number of likes you get with the free service. Of course, the price varies depending on how many you want to buy. The advantage of this feature is that you can also buy new followers for your account.


free liker

As with Qlizz, you can use Free Liker to get more likes on your posts. In addition to that, it also helps you gain new reactions and comments. A steady weekly influx of likes and followers will improve its performance.

The only thing that sets Free Liker apart from its competitors is its Android app. With a user-friendly interface, you get full control over your Facebook account growth.

Free Liker also lets you automatically post ads to Facebook groups and your friends’ timeline. It can save you a lot of time switching between pages and copying and pasting text.

When you reach the daily limit of one thousand auto likes, you can switch to the Auto Reactions feature. It gives you a thousand reactions that you can use on your posts or those of other people. And with the Auto Followers service, you can add 50 new people to your account with every submission you make to Free Liker.

Using the paid services, you can even reach 10,000 likes every 20 minutes, as well as a thousand new subscribers every time you submit an automation request.

Using the Facebook Graph API, Yolikers provides 200 active likes per request. You can do this 50 times per day, up to the maximum daily limit of 10,000 likes. And all of this is free. Apart from likes, Yolikers also features new followers and posts reactions to other people’s posts.

With the paid version, you get access to almost unlimited automatic likes on Facebook. You can use them for the articles, images and videos you post. Another thing to note is that this service claims to be spam-free. This means they won’t post anything on your Facebook account that you don’t agree with.

Official liker

As with the services mentioned above, Official Liker also offers a range of automated options for free. With a guaranteed minimum of one thousand automatic likes and over 500 comments on each submission, this sounds like a great deal. If you need additional followers for your account, you can get up to a thousand each time you submit a request.

Official Liker also lets you add reactions to other people’s posts. This also applies to profile photos. Another cool feature is to choose the country where the car likes come from. Offering Geo Likes from almost every country in the world, Official Liker can boost your presence in the regions you want to target.

As there is a delay between requests, the app will send you a notification once the waiting period is over. Another interesting thing about Official Liker is its monthly giveaways. If you win, you will instantly receive 20,000 likes on your profile picture.

Allowing you to choose between 10 and 350 likes each time you submit a request, Hublaa Liker allows you to fine-tune your Facebook profile growth. Their free services also include standard and geographic likes, as well as status reactions, images, videos, and shares. This applies to your Facebook page and other people’s profiles.

Like Free Liker, Hublaa also comes with an Android app. Another thing to note is that a free account can receive up to 15,000 likes per day.

To use Hublaa Liker, you will need to make some adjustments to your Facebook account. First, change the privacy of your profile and subscriber information to “Public”. Next, also set the privacy of your post to “Public”. This will allow Hublaa’s automated service to work seamlessly with your Facebook profile.

For new Hublaa users, Facebook may notify you that you accessed your account from an unknown location. This is a standard security procedure and you should select “That was me” once you have reached this step.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable making these changes, you can try another service.

WefBee, also known as WebFee, is another free service you can use to instantly gain more likes on Facebook. Along with the standard features like auto likes, comments, and reactions, it comes with a few extra tricks.

Offering a unique set of Facebook tools, WefBee includes auto-follower, auto-requester, multi-group poster, page poster and many more.

Since it works as an exchange program, you have access to the likes of everyone who is part of the WefBee user network. This means that the automatic likes you will receive will come from genuine user accounts. This also applies to your account, as the service will use it to generate likes and followers on other people’s pages.

Love automatically with caution

Automatically adding lots of likes to your Facebook posts will give you an edge over other users. Since this is a risky business, we advise you to use it sparingly. And once you reach that critical mass, it can kick-start your organic profile growth.

Have you managed to increase the popularity of your Facebook profile with automatic likes? Which did you use? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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