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As people take to social media like never before, it’s only natural that online dating apps are on the rise. Over the past few years, these apps have become much more accessible. This makes it easier for people to connect with others with similar interests and start a relationship easily.

Although some dispute that this removes the “magic” from dating, you will soon see that this is not necessarily the case. There is a wide range of different dating apps that focus on various types and approaches to dating. This article lists some of the most popular examples to help you reach a verdict.

Winner – Tinder

Tinder undoubtedly holds the crown for best dating app. It has reinvented online dating in recent years and currently has 50 million users. More than any other dating app in the world.

Even if it didn’t have any notable features, the number of users would be enough to win you over. The dating game is all about variety, so the bigger the user base, the better the chance of finding a perfect match.

However, there is a reason for Tinder’s popularity. As one of the first dating apps, it has managed to stay relevant despite the emergence of similar software.

He also managed to keep it simple and straightforward. You must be over 18 to create a profile and set everything up. You can write a short biography of 500 characters: your personality, your interests, etc. so that other users can get to know you better. Then you can include a photo (you pretty much won’t match anyone else) and you’re good to go.

Additionally, you can configure your sexual orientation and location. Then you can choose the corresponding radius, depending on the distance. You can set a radius of one mile, which means you can only match with people who live nearby. On the other hand, you can have a long distance conversation or relationship with someone who is in an entire country.

best free dating app for android

Believe it or not, the initial reaction to Tinder hasn’t been too positive. Critics have downplayed the app, saying it “turns dating into a game”. Anyway, he followed modern trends. Nowadays, you can find a plethora of couples who started their adventure using this app. So, if you want to join the party, get Tinder now.

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Finalist – OKCupid

OKCupid is another dating app with a rich history. It started in 2004 as an online dating site before smartphones and apps became so popular. However, it has continued to follow the latest trends and has become one of the best dating apps.

First of all, it has a massive user base of several million active users at all times. It’s not as great as Tinder, but it’s still growing in popularity, especially in the US.

The main difference between OKCupid and other dating apps is account creation. To create an OKCupid account, you will first need to answer a series of questions.

The questions are about your personal traits, interests, desires, etc. Then you will have to do the same for your potential partner. This allows OKCupid’s algorithm to easily find the best possible match for you.

free dating apps for android

Another main difference is that the app does not require you to correspond with someone before contacting them. So you can message anyone who appears on your feed at any time.

Additionally, OKCupid continues to add exciting new features from time to time. For example, they created the The flavours system. Here you can add perverse or weird interests and hone your matches based on those flavors. For years, the “Kinky Nerds” flavor was one of the most popular.

Also, you can solve personality quizzes, integrate your social media accounts, among other benefits. Just like Tinder, if you opt for a premium version, you will unlock many other great features.

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All the others


At first glance, Bumble looks like other dating apps. Scroll through other users until you find a match, then start a conversation. However, Bumble adds a twist of its own.

Precisely, the ladies have priority when it comes to initiating contact. So if you’re an app guy, you’ll have to be patient. Even if you have matched several girls, there is a chance that only one or two will contact you. Of course, it all depends on how you sorted your profile.

However, the rule does not apply to same-sex matches. In this case, the app works like any other dating app.

There’s another exciting thing about Bumble: it’s not just a dating app. It also allows users to be matched for two different purposes: friendship and business. So you use the app to find nearby users who share similar interests or even form valuable professional relationships.

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If you are looking for a more specific dating app, you should try Grindr. It is an application intended to facilitate dating in the LGBTQ community. It is one of the most popular online dating apps and has a notable user base.

However, Grindr is more than a dating app. It can also serve as a social network where you can find friends among a group of interesting people. You can share your experiences through a social feed and go beyond regular meetings.

For example, you can indicate on your profile that you are only looking for friendship. Moreover, you can also say that you are looking for something more serious. The app will match you with users accordingly.

The app is free, but you can subscribe to a premium subscription to unlock other features.

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Badoo was first launched as a social dating network. At that time, it was not much different from Facebook and similar platforms. However, you can add your interests and location, making it easy for other users to find you.

Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps these days. Its user base is roughly similar to Tinder’s, with almost 400,000 new users signing up every day. It’s probably the most popular app, with users from over 190 different countries.

It combines the best of all dating apps. You can use a Tinder-style swipe system to find other users. However, you can also view nearby profiles so you can do in-depth research on their interests.

If you opt for a premium version, you will only meet certified users (other premium members). In this way, you will avoid any risk of catfishing and fake profiles, especially for this type of application.

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A lot of people enjoy speed dating as a game that you experience with these types of apps. However, some people may be fed up with this approach and want to make meaningful connections right from the start. Hinge is an app for those people.

In fact, Hinge is proud of this philosophy. Their landing page says – The dating app designed to be deleted. That’s because Hinge supports commitment to a lasting relationship.

Therefore, Hinge presents an entirely different, “no-slip” approach. This is in stark contrast to the likes of Tinder. You must commit to creating a substantial profile page filled with stories, interests, images, and more. Other users can then comment on these things and start a conversation.

In a nutshell, Hinge tries to add something different to the dating world. Its design is suitable for those who believe in connection on a higher level, away from superficial and hedonistic tendencies. If you belong to this group, you can try it.

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Have you ever crossed paths with someone who only caught your attention to disappear forever? Happn is an app that tries to reconnect you with these people. This innovative concept separates Happn from any other dating app available.

Here’s how it works. At first, it looks like most dating apps. You create a profile like Tinder by adding your photo and writing your biography. You can even connect your profile to your social network.

After sorting your profile, the real fun begins. Every time you come across another Happn user, you get notified instantly. The “map” function allows you to see all the users who like to go out in the same places as you. Some of them may also live near your area.

When you like a profile that caught your eye, you can see if they liked it back. If they did, you have a crush and you can start communicating!

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It seems online dating has shifted into another gear and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. The most important thing is that there is a nice variety of tools to try. It’s more than just “swiping left or right”, as some would describe it.

This article featured a few apps that spice up their approach, so it’s up to you to find what you like. For example, if you like something serious, you can download such an application. This will automatically narrow the user base and make it easier to find like-minded people.

Which app would you use and why? Do you have a recommendation from you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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