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It usually only takes a few hours for TikTok videos to go viral. Many challenges become popular overnight and reach every corner of the world. And it’s no wonder – the videos are short and fun, have an infectious pace, and are easy to replicate.

This year, TikTok users were particularly inspired. Even though we’re only halfway through 2020, a fantastic selection of exciting challenges have spread like wildfire. Take a look at our list of the most popular TikTok challenges of 2020.

1. The #HipsDontLie Dance Challenge

Some more demanding TikTok dance challenges allow you to show off your skills on the dance floor, but this challenge is as easy as it gets. One of the most frequently posted dance challenges is a short choreography of Shakira’s beloved hit, “Hips Don’t Lie.”

The hashtag currently has over 1.5 million posts, and some of the videos feature TikTok users doing the challenge in malls. It was probably a bit scary for the people around them, as they suddenly started signing out loud!

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2. The #GuacDance challenge

Chipotle was one of the first brands to recognize the marketing potential of this social platform. The company created the #GuacDance challenge and promised a reward: free guacamole added to its order on July 31. Why this meeting? It’s National Lawyer Day!

The challenge quickly went viral and now has over a billion views.

3. The #LevelUpChallenge

This one was popular among pet owners. Its original goal may have been to show off your dance moves, but pet owners have used their (and their pets’) creativity and skills to literally #LevelUp the challenge.

The real stars of this challenge are the cats and dogs. In videos with this hashtag, you can see animals jumping over an obstacle made of toilet paper rolls, which keeps getting higher and higher.

4. The #ImJustAKid Challenge

Recreating childhood photos was already huge on social media, so it wasn’t hard to make it a global challenge. The goal is to recreate your favorite childhood photo, whether it’s fun or makes you nostalgic.

The challenge is accompanied by the song “I’m Just a Kid” by Simple Plan. Just as the chorus begins, you get a throwback to the original photo where the author of the video is much younger or even a baby.

5. The #LeavingMyBody Challenge

This is the perfect challenge for lovers of sarcasm. You know when you are bored and you complain to your mother… And she says: go clean your room! And you immediately feel the boredom leave your body? Well that’s it.

Boredom, sadness, anxiety (when someone tells you that, don’t get nervous!) and more, leave your body on this popular hashtag with over three million views.

6. The #Breakfast Challenge

This challenge became famous in 2019, but the trend continued this year as well. It’s a simple choreography with an infectious rhythm, which resembles an omelet, from the lighting of the stove to the beating of the eggs.

Some TikTok users have decided to go with the sound and use cutlery as props for their video, and there are also more creative responses that have nothing to do with cooking. Find all related videos on the hashtag #breakfastchallenge, with over 54 million views.

Top tiktok challenges of 2020

7. The #OhNananaSong Challenge

You’ll need your best friend or partner if you’re trying to recreate this all-encompassing challenge. This cute little dance has become so popular that people have started performing it even with their pets. The song used in the challenge is a Bonde R300 remix called OhNanana.

There are over 2.2 million videos with this hashtag, and those created by doctors and nurses in hospitals are particularly popular, as well as those made by celebrities.

8. The #BoredintheHouse Challenge

The past two months have made us all feel pretty bored, but it’s also sparked creativity in some TikTok users. With Curtis Roach’s “Bored in the House” as the soundtrack, this challenge quickly won over the entire TikTok community and turned into a competition. Who could look more bored?

9. The #PewPewPew Challenge

Recreating this challenge may require a bit of devotion – you have some lyrics to learn how to sync the song successfully. Luckily, there are only a few words: “Wait, wait a minute…it’s a chopper.” One thing you can’t forget is to use the big head filter, which makes the video even more fun. Believe it or not, videos with this hashtag have over 1.5 billion views.

2020 tiktok challenges

10. The #MyTypeChallenge

TikTok has never been known for its long monologues, so if you want to tell your community what your type is, this is the way. This challenge is currently one of the most popular around, despite being created in 2019. It gives you just enough room to add your personal touch to it and already has over 1.3 million videos.

Challenge your creativity

Some TikTok challenges have been around for a while and their popularity hasn’t waned. Others come and go as our daily lives change. Yet, it is undeniable that your contribution to these hashtags can help you express your creativity, but also grow your community on TikTok.

Have you ever joined any of these challenges? Which do you find the funniest? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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