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It’s hard to overstate TikTok’s meteoric rise. These 15 second videos have become a favorite form of self-expression for many people around the world. It’s a place where dancing, lip-synching and comedy reign supreme.

This is also where new challenges are created every day which are spreading like wildfire among users. A particularly popular challenge is the prank challenge which is aptly called #Prankwars.

Creating the perfect TikTok prank to shoot your family or friends seems impossible, but many have risen to the occasion. And in this article, we are going to go over some of the best prank challenge ideas on TikTok.

The concept of a TikTok Prank challenge

What are the ingredients of a perfect TikTok prank challenge? First, you need an original idea. But even a past prank can be given a new perspective, especially if you can give it a sly little twist.

You also need skilled editing and maybe a good recording angle. But above all, what is needed is an unsuspecting victim.

Most TikTok pranksters are teenagers or younger. So who are they kidding? Their parents and siblings, of course.

These challenges can often backfire in epic ways, but that’s what makes them TikTok-worthy. And if it’s not the family members, it’s the couples who prank each other in often brutal but undeniably hilarious ways. Here are some of the best prank challenges you could come across on TikTok.

best prank challenge tik tok videos

prank dance

Everyone knows that TikTok is the perfect place to learn a cool dance challenge and post it for your followers to enjoy.

But what about incorporating a dance challenge into a prank? The dance prank refers to TikTok’s opening to record you dancing to choreography when you secretly record the reactions of others.

They believe you’re in your own world and dancing your heart out, which only makes their reactions that much more genuine. The result ranges from uninterested to people having a good time watching their partner dance, some eating or perhaps changing clothes simultaneously.

tik tok challenge videos

Serve fake treats

This is a universal prank in the sense that the level of disappointment on the victim’s face is the same regardless of the prank.

TikTok users bake creative “candies” and gift them to friends and family and record their reaction. Only that it’s not candy. In fact, anything but.

Some disguise balloons filled with water in a bowl topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. “Here’s that ice cream you asked for, honey!” A person knocks with a spoon and the face gets wet quickly.

Do you think they would like a caramelized apple? Why not a large onion dipped in ranch and some vermicelli? It might be wrong, but watching happy faces turn into angry faces can be more than a little funny.

fake broken screen prank

Imagine your phone screen shattering after a fall. That may scare you a bit, right? Well, many TikTok users have capitalized on this fear.

The fake broken screen prank is by far one of the most popular pranks on the platform. What you need is a screen cover resembling a broken screen that can be easily peeled off.

Then you have to grab your friend’s phone, secretly if necessary, and attach the fake cover, then “accidentally” drop the phone and allow them to inspect the result. The reactions are numerous, as one might expect, from slightly annoyed to downright hysterical.

prank challenge tik tok videos

Fake Mannequin Prank

The most successful TikTok pranksters are those who are able to create a powerful illusion for a few giggles. But pranks also serve to freak people out because you never know what the next hilarious reaction you’re going to get.

The fake dummy prank is pretty clever. You’re supposed to go to a clothing store in a mall and put a gray cloth over your head and hands to look like a mannequin. Even better if you find the right clothes and put on a pair of sunglasses and a hat.

Then you stand next to a group of models, strike a pose, and wait for people to pass by. Once they got close you would jump, but just a little bit. The trick is to make as few movements as possible in order to make people wonder if it’s a person or if the dummy has come to life.

the best tik tok prank challenge

Voice/Applause Activated Prank

If you want a good laugh at the expense of people just trying to get where they’re going, you can search for voice/applause activated prank.

The idea is to print small stickers saying “Clap Activated” or “Voice Activated” to attach them next to elevator or escalator buttons.

Unassuming people passed by and started clapping or talking to the elevator. All the while, the camera was capturing what was happening.

Is it too much? Maybe, but not for TikTok. Who would have ever thought of pranking people into talking to walls and stairs?

tik tok videos best prank challenge

TikTok is a wild ride

When you’re immersed in TikTok challenges, you get used to all the fast paces of the platform. All of this may seem pointless to the uninitiated, especially those over 25.

But, with pranks, it’s either you hate them or you love them so much you can’t help but test them on your loved ones. Either way, there are so many fun and creative pranks on TikTok, so be sure to check out these #Prankwars and have a good laugh.

What is your opinion on pranks? Have you ever tried one on TikTok? Let us know in the comments section below.

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