The Best Way to Download and Update Apps from Play Store

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The Play Store receives feature updates quite frequently, which is great news. The not so good news is that it can take weeks, or even longer for some users, to get the latest iteration. Core functionality never changes, so getting stuck with an old version isn’t a bad thing. However, the experience offered by the Play Store for downloading and updating apps is quite confusing due to many advertisements and suggestions that interfere with the apps you are looking for, which may lead you to download an app that you you do not have. I don’t want to install.

With nearly 3 million apps available on the Play Store and over 6000 added to the list every day, you might be tempted to try new apps every day. However, if you haven’t noticed already, the Play Store is full of promotional ads. These advertisements are not your usual web browser advertisements. Instead, they are app suggestions in the form of ads. Look at the image below.

The first page is the homepage of the app and for the next image it is for a simple search of the app. The home page contains around 60% of ads and the first search result for an app is an ad. So, to get rid of this confusing experience, here is an easy way to bypass Play Store ads.

Best Way to Download and Update Apps from Play Store - Android

A Better Way to Download Apps from Play Store

The idea here is to never use the Play Store and just keep doing your job as normal. Let me explain.

I mainly use the Play Store for two purposes. First, to update my installed apps or download pre-installed apps. Second, I use the Play Store to try out new apps I’ve heard about. So this solution is a two step process, let’s see how.

1. Update Installed Apps

Normally, you open the Play Store and go to the . my apps , and updates apps. By doing so, you will be greeted with dozens of ads on your way. Luckily, there’s a faster way to update installed apps using app shortcuts. Not only does this give you easy access to app actions, each action can also be added to the home screen.

To use app shortcuts, press and hold the Play Store icon on your home screen. You should see a new pop-up window, in the pop-up window you will find the quick shortcut to “my apps. If you click on this shortcut, you will be taken directly to a section My apps and games Where you can update all your apps at once.

Now, instead of repeating this process, press and hold “my appsfor a short while and swipe the option to your home screen. This setting will create a new icon, which is the shortcut that lets you directly access the My Apps section of the Play Store. In addition, the Play Store icon is replaced by the shortcut “my apps.

Best Way to Download and Update Apps from Play Store - Android

2. Find Apps on Play Store

We now have a workaround to update apps, the next part is to search for apps. Frankly, searching the Play Store is a complicated process. I was never able to find the right app through a single search. In comparison, Google search performs better than Play Store search. Thus, we will use the same.

If you have a standard version of Android like the OnePlus or Pixel phones, or even a mod like Samsung’s OneUI, you might already have Google search on your home screen. If this is not available, the Google search tool can still be placed. To do this, long press on the empty part of the home screen and press the “Tools. On the tool page, go to Google Tools or you can simply search “Google”. Once you have a Google gadget, click on it and get a widget google search and drop it on your home screen.

Best Way to Download and Update Apps from Play Store - Android

Now, whenever you need to search for an app on the play store, use the Google search tool instead of searching for the app in the play store. For example, I want to download the “Acture” application. So I’ll just type”Acture Android Appin the Google search tool and it will direct me to the Google app and show me the search results for Acture. I can just scroll down to the given app and tap on the install option next to it and the play store page will open immediately and install it.

Best Way to Download and Update Apps from Play Store - Android

That’s it, you don’t have to visit the Play Store and deal with all the clutter presented to you. The Google app is smart enough to tell if the app you are looking for is already installed on your device or has a new update.

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