What to do when your Whatsapp verification code is not received

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Whether you’re a new WhatsApp user or reinstalling the app for the millionth time, you need to verify your phone number.

That’s why WhatsApp sends a 6-digit code via SMS that you must use to complete the verification process. But sometimes the code never reaches your phone. Or if so, the code does not work.

It can be very frustrating and a big headache. Is there any way to fix this problem and complete the installation of WhatsApp? With this in mind, we will explore all the options that could lead to a solution to this problem.

How the verification process works

Before we dive into how to overcome the verification code problem, let’s quickly go through all the steps needed to install WhatsApp.

Maybe you can spot something you missed. After downloading WhatsApp from Play Store or App Store, you will be prompted to do the following:

  1. Find and select your country from the drop-down menu. The country code will automatically appear after that.
  2. Type your phone number next to the country code. Remember not to put a “0” in front of the number.
  3. Select “Next”. This action will send a verification code request to WhatsApp.

After that, you should receive the code via SMS almost instantly. It’s supposed to autofill the number field on the screen, although it might not work for older operating systems.

You may have to wait for the verification code for up to 15 seconds, during which you probably won’t panic or anything like that. But what if you really don’t get the code?

Wait a little longer

It’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but it’s also high on the to-do list.

Even though the text usually arrives in seconds, it could depend on network issues and everything. The folks at WhatsApp specify when you can try to verify your phone number again, which is 10 minutes.

In most cases, however, the longer you have to wait, it doesn’t look as good.

What you shouldn’t do

Waiting for the verification code may seem eternal and futile, but the one thing you shouldn’t do is try to guess the code.

It’s random and even the best players in the world won’t believe a 1 in 1,000,000 chance. And it will most likely kick you out of WhatsApp for a while.

Request a phone call from WhatsApp

WhatsApp gives you another option to verify your phone number after the 10 minutes. The option “Call me” will appear on the screen.

By tapping it, you have officially asked WhatsApp to call you and give you the 6-digit code in an automated voice call. With the code in hand, you would enter the code manually to verify your number.

Other Fixes You Can Try

In some cases, you might not receive the code because WhatsApp is acting up. Either that or your phone. Let’s go over some of the other things you can try.

Restart your phone

First, you can try restarting your phone. Restarting recalibrates a few things in a smartphone.

The best way to do this is to turn your phone completely off for about 30 seconds. Then turn it back on and you can take another shot at verification.

whatsapp verification code

Reinstall WhatsApp

If restarting your phone didn’t work, you might have a corrupt cache file for WhatsApp or a number of issues with the app. Instead of trying to figure this out, you can simply uninstall the app first.

Start from scratch and install the app from scratch. To uninstall WhatsApp, just go to your phone’s settings and find Apps > WhatsApp > Uninstall.

Check your receipt

If the reception is poor or non-existent, you will obviously not be able to receive SMS. Also, you can’t always tell if this is the case.

To make sure that your reception is optimal, you can ask someone to send you an SMS. Even better if it’s someone you regularly text with.

If you don’t receive it, you know what’s going on and you should probably contact your carrier. You might experience the same issue if you are roaming.

If you need to verify the number when you are abroad, it can be complicated. If you haven’t requested the ability to receive text messages while roaming, verifying WhatsApp may not be possible.

Also check your internet connection

Finally, don’t forget Wi-Fi. Although it has nothing to do with sending or receiving text messages, you still need the internet to communicate with the app.

The thing is, you need to make sure you’re properly logged in before trying to verify your number on WhatsApp.

How to Fix WhatsApp Verification Code

What’s new with WhatsApp

Apart from the SMS and “Call me” option, WhatsApp does not offer any other form of verification. According to the company, this is due to security and privacy reasons. Trying to launch WhatsApp so you can chat with friends and family can cause some impatience if the code is missing.

In most cases, however, you will get the code one way or another. Start with some or all of the fixes listed above.

Have you ever had problems verifying your number on WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments section below along with any other questions you may have.

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