Who is the TikTok queen?

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Each social media app has something specific that works for them. Twitter is all about being witty and quick on feedback. Instagram is where you showcase your life with a stage or backdrop. Snapchat is all about capturing the moment. But Tik Tok is more than a social media platform. It is a paradise for young artists.

The growth of Tik Tok has been massive. It has been downloaded over 1.2 billion times. And young people flock there. There’s something free, innocent and uninhibited about it. The most famous people on Tik Tok have tens of millions of followers. But who is the queen of Tik Tok and what makes someone so special?

Hi all queen

It’s an incredible fact, but the most followed person on Tik Tok is a 17-year-old girl named Loren Gray (@lorengray). The current number of its subscribers is 36.9 million subscribers. That number may not seem so impressive compared to Ariana Grande’s 170 million followers on Instagram. But everything has to be taken into account.

First, Loren Gray rose to prominence on Tik Tok alone and graduated to other venues from there. She is so young and so successful, it hardly seems possible. She used to host her own Snapchat show called “Glow Up” and was even nominated for a Teen Choice and a People’s Choice Award. This is not an easy task.

One of the things that makes Lauren so popular, the “Queen of Tik Tok”, is that she is also a singer. Recently, she released a single titled “Can’t do It”, which has garnered 1.4 million views since June 2019. It is a professionally made video, which will definitely help her launch her singing career. in the future. Now, is she everyone’s Tik Tok queen? Who has to say? There are potential pretenders to the throne.



With “only” 30 million followers under her belt, a girl who calls herself Baby Ariel is the second most followed person on Tik Tok. Her real name is Ariel Martin and she is 18 years old. Her fame on Tik Tok led her to work for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Much like Loren Gray, her Tik Tok feed is filled with lip-syncing videos and choreography. There is also a lot of comedy in the form of sketches.

Tik Tok QueenThird place

All good things come in threes. And when it comes to Tik Tok, it’s dominated by young women who are very good at promoting themselves. With 23.2 million followers, Kristen Hancher, 20, is the third most followed queen on Tik Tok. One of her trademarks is the colorful wigs that she changes often. She dances, lip-syncs and does makeup. All three girls have verified accounts and have one more thing in common. They don’t follow that many people.

How do you become famous for Tik Tok?

Young people fell in love with Tik Tok. It is a safe and fun space for them. Someone over 30 might not understand the importance of lip-syncing and certain dance moves. But it is clear that there is more than that. All social media has certain rules of engagement that will bring you more followers. And Tik Tok?

Tik Tok Make your day

your brand

Tik Tok savvy kids will tell you right away – you have to find your thing. Something you are going to put time and effort into doing. He might categorize it as “duh,” but it’s not that simple. If you’re all over the place with what you’re trying to do, it could end up costing you subscribers. So choose a theme and stick to it.


Hashtags are very important on Tik Tok. And you would be well advised to use them as much as you can. Use them in ways that boost the Tik Tok algorithm and make it easier for people to find you. At first it may seem like a waste of time, but very quickly people find out which hashtags are driving the most traffic to their profile.


This is something that makes Tik Tok different from most social media platforms. It’s all about those 15 second videos and what you can do with them. On Tik Tok, it’s all about going viral. If your video evolves for a while, it could lead to more views and greater success.


Essentially, to be successful on all social media, Tik Tok included, you can’t shy away from promoting yourself. It’s okay to advertise yourself when you post videos. Tik Tok lets you list your other social media accounts like Instagram and YouTube to encourage people to check them out.

The reign of Tik Tok

At the moment, it’s hard to overstate the popularity of Tik Tok. I feel like it came out of nowhere. Maybe because it’s the only app in the top five that doesn’t come from the US. Or maybe it’s because that’s where all the young people are.

Currently, the crown of the queen of Tik Tok belongs to Mrs. Loren Gray. But who says how long? One thing is for sure, this is all pretty impressive for someone so young.

Who do you think is the queen of Tik Tok? Let us know in the comments section below.

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